Step 7: Test your Setup

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To be sure everything works, you should hook everything up without modifying anything. Below is a picture of my setup. The battery is connected with alligator clips. This step is mainly to be sure all your stuff works fine, and that the battery can handle the mA draw.

If your batteries are more then 8.5v, then you MUST go and do step 17 before hooking your screen to your batteries. You will fry your screen if you don't!
viper564 years ago
I want to know about these green chips in the picture??

sea345674 years ago
okay btw i got a new screen and yeah i don't wanna fry it so if i fried the screen by connecting to wires together should i be worried about the battery frying the screen and i charged it so can the 7.2 volts go up to 8.5 volts
sea345674 years ago
question i accitendly touch to wires together and fried my screen with the battery then i charged it I'm afraid to test the setup so what I'm saying is i don't wanna fry my screen again so should i buy a new battery or still use the old one
dwhitslar4 years ago
mine 10.8 volts 4000mAh li-ion battery from a toshiba laptop
Fn4tic4 years ago
after i tested the psone screen with the ps1 ac adapter (that worked) i wanted to power the screen with my 8,4V NiMH batterie, but after that the screen never worked again. what i could make wrong?
8.4 v is close to 8.5, so I think you fried your screen.
heiszer4 years ago
I am trying to figure out how to hook up my screen from my portable dvd player that i removed the disc reading system within and i am not sure how to hook it up to my console. they boht run off the wall power so im not worried about that just yet. please tell me how to fix my setup.
Ok... I tested the voltage with a voltmeter before I hooked the battery up and the voltage was fine. Then I tested it again after I hooked it up and the voltage had dropped by about half!!!??? Is this normal or am I just being paranoid? :) Thanks.
1up (author)  Electro Modder5 years ago
No, that;s not normal. Either your batteries are not charged, or there's something wrong with them. (like being worn out.)
a few quick questions: assuming I only need a battery for the portable screen, and I can use standard house power for the main console. should i still use such a high-cost battery, or could I go with cheaper ones? also, I am making my Dreamcast portable. I do not want to open it at all. i just want it as-is. do you know of any batteries I could use that are small enough to fit inside the casing of a Dreamcast modem (4" long, 1.75" tall, 0.75" thin) also, how would I be able to connect a DC power cord (i mean dc power, not the dreamcast power cord :P) to the battery itself? I would greatly appreciate any help!
1up (author)  thegeniusdude5 years ago
If you are going to power the console from wall power, why not power the screen, too?

For the Dreamcast, you would need a PicoPSU. The Dreamcast needs multiple voltages and the PicoPSU is the best thing for the job. As for the batteries, try http://batteryspace.com. You would need to open your DC to connect the power cables, anyway.
jreuse5 years ago
How many volts/mA is the battery that you used? And are you powering both the nes and your screen from the battery? Thanks
1up (author)  jreuse5 years ago
My battery didn't say how many mAh it was, but guessing from the battery life it's probably about 2300mAh, and it is 7.5v. And yes, they are both powered from the same battery.
jreuse 1up5 years ago
The reason i ask is because i dont get how a 7.5v battery can supply power to both the screen and nes. You said the nes takes 5v so does that mean your screen is only drawing 2.5v? I am very confused...
1up (author)  jreuse5 years ago
No, no voltage does not work like that. See, the battery will always give out 7.5v. The things hooked up to it do not "take" a portion of this voltage. If I hook up the screen and NES they will be both getting 7.5v. The screen can accept 7.5v, but the NES needs five. So, I use a regulator to lower the voltage going to the NES so it does not break.
jreuse 1up5 years ago
Ok thank you so much. That totally makes more sense now =)
SkipperOf6 years ago
I tested my NES before hand, and it worked. I took it apart, shrunk the board and tested it with the RF box still on, and it worked. I took it off, and hooked up only the audio to a TV I had when it was on, but I didn't get any audio. I didn't have the video signal hooked up yet. Should I be worried?
1up (author)  SkipperOf6 years ago
You're using the regulator, right? And giving the NES 5v? If you're sure you didn't damage any components while taking the RF box off, don't worry. The cartridge is probably just not loading, but you have no way of knowing because there's no video. Try building the video amp so you know if the cartridge is working. Make sure you don't put it in backwards.
if it takes only 5 volts couldn't you power off of a usb connection? not that would be ideal at all unless you wanted to recharge it from ur laptop on the go
1up (author)  LetsExplodeSomething6 years ago
The NES takes 5v, about 300mA. You could power just the NES from USB.
mason0190 1up5 years ago
And build one of thise nifty Altoids usb rechargers ;)
cjmassey086 years ago
i dont quite understand how to connect everything together. could you help me out and tell me exactly what you used to connect them?
1up (author)  cjmassey086 years ago
You can use alligator clips. This step isn't completely necessary, though.
sea345676 years ago
buy the circuit board
1up (author)  sea345676 years ago
It's just a standard plug... And you can reply to my comments, to keep clutter down...
sea345676 years ago
where can i buy this
1up (author)  sea345676 years ago
Buy what?
sea345676 years ago
what is that green thing attached to the screen where the voltage supply conects
1up (author)  sea345676 years ago
It's a board with a plug on it that fits the screen. The alligator clips are coming from the battery.
sea345676 years ago
can you give me intructions how to test the setup because i don't know how
1up (author)  sea345676 years ago
Just hook up the NES to the screen, and give power to the NES and screen. Make sure you use the right voltage.
now after talking to 1 up i think i am going to use D's insted
how long would a cuple of 9v conventional battorys last for this Nes portible?