How to Make a Prank Pen





Introduction: How to Make a Prank Pen

Nothing is better than pulling a harmless prank on your friends or family. Here is one that I made that you can add to your list.

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

Here is what you need:
  • 2 Pens (I used Bic)
  • Pliers

Easy enough!

Step 2: Take the Ink Refill Out of One Pen

Use pliers to take the ink refill out of the pen. Make sure you get the whole front section off.

Step 3: Take Cork Out of Second Pen

With pliers, and some elbow grease, take the "cork" out of your other Bic pen. This may be a little tough, but don't worry it can come out.

(For anyone confused, the cork is the stub on the opposite end of the pen.)

Step 4: Reattach

Take the cork you just removed from the other pen and stick it into the original pen. It should slide in pretty easily.

Step 5: Have Fun With Your Friends

You are finished! Place the cap on one side of the pen, and go at it!

The reactions of people are priceless.

Have fun!



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SICK INSTRUCTABLES UTILITY KNIFE!!!!!!!! where did you get it did you win it in a contest,did you make it? please anser this inpossible quiestin

the "pen" will not have a wrighting tip! the end caps replace that. it is not the biggest shocker but it is suprising.

This is far from harmless, my mother died that way.

maby a heart attack... she tried to hard

 You don't need to use pliers.I always remove this with my hands.

is there any other way to get the stub off.  i tried my barehanded and that didn't work either.

You can also make a double sided pen from the leftover parts.

... you can do better...