Picture of How to Make a Print Using a Carry-Out Box
The following is a step by step tutorial of how to make a print using a carry-out box. This is a craft appropriate for grades K-6 but could also be used to aid motor skills and hand-arm function for therapeutic purposes.

Step 1: List of Materials:

Picture of List of Materials:
Carry-out box
Tube of Paint (acrylic works best)
Plate or similar smooth washable surface

TiaRiaa1 month ago

I will try to do this printmaking it is awesome I fell like I want to do it .I love doing art!!!! printmaking is the art of joy for me!!!!! :)

MetaImage2 years ago
Great explanation of all the steps nd the materials needed. Love your video!
I am going to do this with my kids its a fantastic idea, :)
scoochmaroo2 years ago
I love this technique. It's such an easy introduction to block printing and a great way to reuse something that will eventually have to end up in landfill. Thanks for sharing this here!