How to Make a Pucca Costume





Introduction: How to Make a Pucca Costume

Easy, inexpensive costume to make. Takes about an hour. You're basically just making the wig. You will need to find/buy a red shirt and black pants to complete the look.

Step 1: All Steps to Make the Wig

If you're making the costume for a child, buy a child size pair of tights. If you're making the costume for an adult, purchase an XL size pair of tights.

*cut slits for the Styrofoam balls when wearing the "tight tube" on your head. This will insure they're in the right place. You might need someone to help you do this.



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Great costume! Though, would it have hurt to type the instructions as well?

Awesome instructable. I have a little boy, so I'll be using the concept to make Garu instead. Thanks!

That can be feature if you make more steps with great picture for this Instructable .

that is just adorable >w<

Thanks so much for the instructable. It only took me twenty minutes! :-) Just made it for my 18 month old and can't wait till she gets up from her nap to try it on her. May I make a suggestion? I figured out too late that maybe the balls should be shaved down just a nip (to make a flatter surface) where it sits on the head so it conforms better. Seems like it would bobble less. Maybe I will make myself one this way...

AH!! So cute! I might have to try this on myself ;)

awwww so cute!