Step 2: Preparing Caramel:

Heat small metal pot over medium heat.
Add sugar and cook uncovered, stirring the sugar at a steady pace until dark golden brown (sugar turns into caramel).
Quickly pour and spread caramel into medium size pan.

CAUTION: Use hot pad gloves to handle pan, the  caramel will be extremely hot!
this will be my third different flan test!!
How did it go? Hope it came out for you. It really is easy to make and super delicious.
let us know how it goes!!
whats the difference between a puerto rican flan and any other flan, like mexican, etc?
It's the ingredients that is used. Like Mexican Flan, the recipe's calls for whole milk and Sugar. Puerto Rican Flan there is no sugar. All the of the sweetness comes from the creme of coconut and condense milk. It all depends on the amount of eggs that's used.

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