How to Make a Punkleton-O-Lantern




Introduction: How to Make a Punkleton-O-Lantern

Happy Halloween from the Monster-Handlers at My Singing Monsters! Follow the instructions below to carve your own spooky Punkleton-O-Lantern.

Step 1: Supplies

To make your own Punkleton-O-Lantern you’ll need:

  • Pumpkin (real or artificial)
  • Scissors
  • Clear tape
  • Cutting mat
  • Light
  • Sharp knife
  • Punkleton stencil

You can download the Punkleton stencil here.

We used a foam pumpkin for this Instructable, but you can also use a real pumpkin. Just empty it out first!
If you’re 12 or under, be sure to ask an adult for help using any sharp tools.

Step 2: Cut Out and Tape Your Stencil

First you’ll need to carefully cut out the black pieces of your Punkleton stencil. Then, tape the black pieces onto your pumpkin. This will help guide you to carving the perfect Punkleton head.

Step 3: Carefully Cut Out Your Punkleton-O-Lantern!

Cut out the top of your pumpkin first. Carefully cut it out at an angle so that it will make a snug lid, just like Punkleton has. If you’re using a real Pumpkin this is when you get to scoop out all the seeds and pumpkin guts!

Once the top of your pumpkin is ready, use your knife or cutting tool to carefully cut out your stencil! Ask an adult for help if needed.

Step 4: Light It Up and Share It With Your Friends!

All you need to do now is put a light inside your pumpkin and share it with the world!

We used an LED candle, but you can use anything you’d like — even your cell phone.

We hope you enjoyed making a Punkleton-O-Lantern, Happy Halloween and Happy Monstering!



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