This instructable is about how to make a medusa headpiece with snakes you can move! (And the rest of the costume, which is the easy part.) By the time you are finished you'll be turning heads (to stone) in no time!

Step 1: Supplies

1) wet-set fiberglass casts (I acquired some expired ones from a doctor's office that could not use them anymore)
2) aquarium tubing (this will determine the thickness of your snakes)
3) sturdy wire (must be able to withstand and resist repeated bending)
4) wire for attachment (I used a large hobby wire here)
5) cable and crimps (I used stainless steel beading cable)
6) fabric for "skin"
7) fiberfill/stuffing material
8) cotton piping that matches the thickness of your tubing
9) fabric for dress
10) thread
11) puff paint
12) face paint
13) scissors
14) drill
15) sewing machine

Depending on the strength of your tubing, you may also need another tubing that will fit inside the other.

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