How to Make a Push Pin Portrait


Step 2: Decide the final dimensions of your work in inches

Picture of Decide the final dimensions of your work in inches
I'd like my final artwork to by 45" wide by 60" tall. My push pins are 0.5" in diameter, so I'll need to shrink my photo to 90 pixels x 120 pixels where each pixel will ultimately represent a push pin. That means I'll have 90 x 120 = 10,800 pins total.
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Hello, can you please talk me through this step. I am having trouble figuring out how to shrink my photo. Where do I go in photoshop to do this?
digitalArtform (author)  Sasquatch391 year ago
In the top bar you'll find an entry called "Image." Under that, select "Image Size..." and in the option box that appears enter your desired height and width in pixels.

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