How to Make a Quick and Easy Macrame Cord





Introduction: How to Make a Quick and Easy Macrame Cord

Make a great DIY project with Macrame! It's bold, bright, and will bring some fresh and unique decor into your home

To recreate this macrame cord you will need:

Jersey Be Good yarn by Wool & The Gang

Simple Light by FactoryLux

Baby Plumen 001 Light Bulb

Plumen Base Cover

Masking tape

Tape measure


Step 1: Prep Your Yarn

You need to measure out your yarn first. This depends on the length of your cable, as you'll need about 10m of yarn for each metre of cable. In this tutorial we used a 2m long cable so we need roughly 20m of yarn.

Step 2: Mark It

When you think you've got the right about of yarn, find the centre and mark it with tape.

Step 3: Measure It

Wrap the yarn up into two balls on either side of the cable with the taped centre point underneath the cable. Remove the tape.

Now you're all set to start creating your macrame cord.

Step 4: Knot, Knot, Knot.....

We used a technique called Square Knot, and its the same knot repeated all the way along the cord.

First, move the left ball over the cable. Next create a look with the other ball of yard and place it through the loop, now you've got your first knot! Make it tight and slide it up the length of the cord to the lamp holder. Then keep repeating this simply knot until you reach the end of the cable.

To help you we've worked out that it took us approximately 1h-1h15 to cover the length of the cable. Its so easy, you can watch Netflix while you knot!

When you reach the end of the cord, secure the macrame with a couple of regular knots and cut the excess off with scissors.

Step 5: Assemble You Light

Slide the Plumen Base Cover over the end of the Plumen Bulb and screw it into the lamp hold. Now that you're finished, enjoy your fresh, playful and colourful light!



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    Brilliant project! And loving your light bulb design!

    One thing. I'm pretty sure that's not a square knot as square knots stay flat rather than spin like a helix.

    if you alternate the direction of knotting ie. switching right and left part, you'll get a flat piece

    I've done a ton of macrame. Those are half knots.

    Very pretty! Your knots are so even, I think mine would be all over the place.

    Seriously, they will go fine. Try it.

    Thanks so much. Trust me it's very easy to do, we were complete beginners when we first tried it and I think it turned out great :)

    neat idea, thanks! this could be adapted for all sorts of hanging cords, using cord or rope as the core.

    very nice and pretty