How to Make a Quilted Hot Pad - for Mother's Day




Introduction: How to Make a Quilted Hot Pad - for Mother's Day

Step 1:

This project won't take much fabric at all, and mom and grammy will love it every time they use it!

You will need four different strips of fabric for the quilt top measuring 12" X 3.5", two 12"X12" quilt batting squares, and one 12"X12" fabric square for backing.

Step 2:

With pretty sides together pin and stitch the strips together using a 1/4" seam. Pin and sew one at a time until you have your quilt top of four strips sewn together as shown in the photo.

Step 3:

Press seams nice and flat.  Remember with making quilts, press seams together towards the darker fabric.

Step 4:

Place your two battings on the table then place your quilt top and quilt back pretty sides together on top of the batting. Make sure your quilt top is up as shown in the photo. Pin all the way around the square and sew around the square using a 1/4" seam allowance. Make sure you pivot at the corners.

Step 5:

Clip corners and trim seams around the hot pad.

Step 6:

On the bottom where the two layers of quilt batting are cut a 4" slit through the two layers and the back of the hot pad.  Make sure you don't cut through the top of the hot pad.

 Through the hole you just cut, turn hot pad pretty side out.  Poke out corners with your scissors. Hand stitch the opening closed.

Step 7:

Press flat.  Quilt your hot pad by sewing lines down the left and right of each seam line.

Step 8:

Your wonderful, colorful, quilted hot pad is done.  Your mom will love it because it is a handmade gift that was made with love just for her!

(When serving dinner I just use ugly old oven mitts to go under my hot dishes to protect my table...I can't wait to make more of these, and use the nice decorative handmade ones!)



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