Picture of How to Make a R2D2 Costume for $10!
As a student, I didn't want to spend much on my halloween costume this year, so I opted for making a cheap R2D2 costume (I was recently introduced to Star Wars this year and fell in love).  The materials I used were:

-2 pieces of white poster paper 
-8 orange pipe cleaners
-Glue gun & glue sticks
-White paint (I used house paint)
-White school glue
-Craft foam
-Duct tape
-My own shoes
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Step 1: Preliminary Sketches

Picture of Preliminary Sketches
First, I made rough measurements of how much poster board I needed to wrap around myself.  Then, I made sketches of the front and the back of R2D2 on the poster board pieces using images from the internet.

Using the sketches, I cut out craft foam to match and super glued it to the poster board.

Step 2: Fitting

Picture of Fitting
Now, I'm no good with clothing fittings, so all I did to "fit" this to myself was held the two pieces of poster board together and made it smaller until I thought it was a comfortable fit.  I then marked this on the sides and used hot glue to attach the two pieces of poster board.

To reinforce this, I used layers duct tape to hold the pieces together.

In the same way I freestyled the body, I also did so with the straps.  An easier way to do this would be to measure your shoulders and then add a couple more inches, depending on your size.

Step 3: The helmet

Picture of The helmet
To make the "lid", I paper-mached a balloon that I sized by holding it up to my head in the mirror while blowing it up (can you tell I am very precise?)

To paper mache, you mix flour, water, and school glue.  Cut strips of news paper, dip it in your concoction and place on the upper half of the balloon.  Once it was dry, I trimmed around any edges where it wasn't even.

I then used white house paint to paint the lid and let it dry for a day.  I then hot-glued craft foam in the patterns I saw on internet images.
mitchel911 year ago

I love it. I'm in a wheelchair and I was looking for a cool costume to roll around in and this is it.

kelllbelll1 year ago
This is great! Me and 6yr old will be making this for his Halloween costume! I will also look for some battery powered lights to incorporate into it. Thanks!!
doug10742 years ago
Great job! And, way to keep it simple! I've been thinking about making a R2 costume for my daughter and this is much simpler and easier (not to mention faster and cheaper) than what I had in mind. Looks like I've got a project to get done in the next week!
ggardner73 years ago
It Looks great i hope next time you do Darth Vadder lol Luke i am your mother lol
Kiteman4 years ago
How about a photo of somebody wearing it?
ashley15 (author)  Kiteman4 years ago
Sure thing - I just uploaded one.
yeah! I agree (though I'm probably not worthy of replying to Kiteman)

*bows before his almightiness*

Nah, I'm just kiddin, nice instructable though1