Step 4: The Shoes

Lastly, I attached strips of poster board to my shoes using a double sided piece of duct tape.  I then decorated them (as seen in the photo).  This was truly a freestyle thing and didn't follow any pattern of R2D2, except for the orange pipe cleaners that were supposed to resemble wires.
What a great post , made it for my son for world book day . Thanks for the idea ?....Wow just seen you made this about 6 years ago. Great works of art never age lol ?
<p>I love it. I'm in a wheelchair and I was looking for a cool costume to roll around in and this is it.</p>
This is great! Me and 6yr old will be making this for his Halloween costume! I will also look for some battery powered lights to incorporate into it. Thanks!!
Great job! And, way to keep it simple! I've been thinking about making a R2 costume for my daughter and this is much simpler and easier (not to mention faster and cheaper) than what I had in mind. Looks like I've got a project to get done in the next week!
It Looks great i hope next time you do Darth Vadder lol Luke i am your mother lol
How about a photo of somebody wearing it?
Sure thing - I just uploaded one.
yeah! I agree (though I'm probably not worthy of replying to Kiteman) <br> <br>*bows before his almightiness* <br> <br>Nah, I'm just kiddin, nice instructable though1

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