My grandmother made a Raggedy Ann doll for me when I was little, and I'll never forget the details she put into it. I always appreciated the layering of clothing, which made it fun to dress.

Since the craft contest is sponsored by Singer and Lion Brand, I wanted to make something that incorporated sewing and yarn.

Step 1: Making the Body

Making the doll involves a lot of steps, but none of them are difficult. I made my own pattern using geometric shapes of rectangles, circles, and ovals.

You will need about a yard of whatever color material you wish to use for the body.
I suggest a lower thread-count fabric, since muslin makes it difficult to get the yarn/hair through.

Pin the pattern to the fabric, trace around the edges, and cut about 1/2 inch further out than the traced line.

Cut 4 arms, 4 legs, and 2 head/bodies.

(Whenever you see my pen pointing at the fabric, it means to sew that area.)

Sew 2pieces of the arm to make one. Do the same for the other arm, and for the legs.

TIP: When rounding a corner, leave the needle of the sewing machine down, lift the foot, turn the fabric, lower the foot, and turn.

Sew the head and body, leaving open two holes in the sides for the arms to fit in, and the bottom open.

Once the pieces are finished, notch the corners to keep it from gathering around the curves when you turn it inside out.

Thank you so much for the instructions on the doll's hair! I am using a purchased pattern to make Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls for my granddaughter and the way it says to do the hair is just impossible. Your instructions make much more sense and I can now finish the dolls. PS-- your doll in the photos is just adorable :)
<p>use a strip of cardboard about 4 inches wide and about 12 to 16 in long wind yarn around it lose, but close togather , slide off and stick under sewing machine foot sew with zig zag or keep on cardboard, and .use needle and thread, or yarn and sew it in running stitch and back , take off gently and sew on head of doll clip strands, after you sew it on for brown cloth dolls make braids, and sew them on in between the strands </p>
Thank you :-)
<p>I'm not sure if you're still checking/getting posts here but in the even that you are:<br>I was very happy to find this Instructable! I'm going to be making Ann dolls for my two granddaughters for X-mas this year....fingers crossed I'm able to be successful.<br>Thank you in advance for your time and effort posting this, I'm sure it's going to be of great help to me!<br>Good day~</p>
Thank you! Please post a picture when you finish; I'd love to see your dolls!<br>
<p>That's a gorgeous doll. Do you sell the pattern by any chance?</p>
<p>Thank you. I don't sell the pattern, but you can see the dimensions on the grid. The Instructable is always free! :-)</p>
<p>:) thanks for replying. </p><p>The length...'2.5 inches of length or longer'. Would this be 2.5&quot; plus 2.5&quot; and tie it in the middle?</p><p>Is there a 'part' in the hair? </p><p>I got some 'kinked' yarn for the girl and 'straight' yarn for the boy. Does this sound good to you? </p><p>Would you put braids in the girls? or are Raggedy Ann's made without braids. </p><p>You have been so patient with me. Thank you so much for any advise you can give me. </p><p>-con</p>
Yes, 5&quot;, 2.5&quot; &amp; 2.5&quot; with it tied in the middle. You can make it longer or shorter. I wouldn't braid, or part the hair.
<p>Thank you for the tips here too. I need to repair the nose on the girl and the eyes and nose on the boy.</p>
<p>I adore the 'green' eyes! </p><p>And the second doll's dress is so cute with the 'Snoopy' on it.</p>
<p>How much room is between the point of entry on the needle and the exit? </p><p>Do you have information on 'female' hair? or do both the boy and girl have the same hair?</p><p>How often and when would you put in the highlight's in the hair? </p><p>I am re-doing the hair on 2 primitive dolls. I have never done this before. The dolls are 'made in China' and I just don't want to 'glue' the hair on :( I want to do this right. </p><p>I am so happy that 'today' the computer is allowing me to ask with 'spaces'...thank you so much, Connie</p>
Males &amp; females have the same hair, just may be cut different. The highlights were placed in randomly, so I don't have a good answer on that one. I placed them evenly throughout, maybe every 10th piece would be good? Entry &amp; exit need to be close, about 1 cm. You can achieve this by pinching the head while piercing it with the needle. It needs to be close so you can tie a knot. The hair took me about a week to complete. Good luck with yours. <br>
<p>My daughter-in-law owns a Primitive Raggedy Andy. Unfortunately her dog found it and the hair is no longer on him. Do you know of a link that shows how to do a primitive Andy (or perhaps an easier way such as purchase one and then glue it on)? thank you, -con</p>
it;s so beautiful am gonna cry :) ,i really wished i knwe how to sew and do such stuff
Check out this tutorial; it's a great way to learn and make something pretty. https://www.instructables.com/id/Frabric-Flowers-Easy-Tutorial/
Thank you for your Instructable. I used it for inspiration for a doll that I'll be giving as a Christmas gift. I will admit that I cheated a little bit, at least when it came to the doll's clothing. I bought a 3T dress and made my doll pattern so that the doll would fit the dress. It worked out quite well. For added cuteness, I also bought a matching dress small enough to fit the child who will receive the doll.<br><br>The nose looks a little funny in photographs because I put a small piece of fabric beneath the area where I added the French knots for the nostrils. I felt as though some reinforcement of the fabric might be needed. For subsequent dolls, I am not going to do that.
I LOVE it! You did such a good job on her face! Great idea for the dress. Honestly, that was the hardest part of making the doll. She really has a lot of character - how cute!
love the way you explained the directions.. I will be able to get busy on my rag doll.. Hoping it turns out adorable.. Thanks again for the instructions especially for the hair... Keeping fingers crossed..
good job explaining.
Thanks. If you make one, post a picture of it on here. :)
the nice thing about the original Raggedy Ann and Andy is they never lost their shoes or socks. shoes and socks are the hardest to keep track of for any doll so she was a good doll. LOL<br><br><br>
a sunflower princess doll!!:D
Lovely!<br />
I can't open the pdf file to print it.&nbsp; I can't tell the dimensions for the body parts.&nbsp; Would you send me a pic or the dimensions?&nbsp; Thanks
Legs = 5 inches wide at the foot, 3 inches wide at the calf. 10 inches long.<br /> Arms = 2.5 inches wide. 10 inches long. (Maybe too long, but you can always cut it down.)<br /> Head = 7&quot; in diameter<br /> Body = 8 inches by 7inches wide.<br /> These were not exact amounts, just what looked even on paper. I do remember the arms being too long though. They should be about 7 to 8 inches long.
PS. - I think that I accidently&nbsp;clicked on 4,5 instead of the best vote. =( I am so stupid! I'm very sorry!
The work is excellent! You're very creative and talanted in doll - making. =)
found this site, read hair directions, wanted enlarged pic of hair being made, had to join, did join, and now the directions and pix for hair aren't there. What's' up w/that?
I'm sorry, but I don't have any control over that. You'll have to ask the site administrator. However, if you have questions about how to make the hair, I'll be happy to answer them.
thanks, - am planning on just sewing year in loops, several layers, hoping I can get sewn on w/o sewing through the head itself. Any tips?
Ok, so you're using needle & thread to sew the (yarn)hair on? If so, it would definitely be easier. My finger really hurt after a while from pulling the needle through the material. I used one of those rubber jar openers to grip the side of the needle and pull it through. I guess you just need to sew it several times to make sure it's tight, or use a thick quilting thread. Post a picture when you finish; I'd love to see it!
Thank you for all the great info to make this wonderful doll. I am going to make one for my grand-daughter. One comment: wouldn't be easier to embroidery the face before it is stuffed?
Please post a picture when you finish! I embroidered the face afterwards because I was afraid it would be off-centered, and out of proportion. However, it was very difficult to get the eyelashes straight. I say go ahead and try it before. You can always pin it up tightly to see if it looks good before you sew it. The hair takes a long time, and your fingers will probably hurt, but it's worth it in the end. Good luck!

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