Step 3: Hair

I used the Vanna's Choice Cranberry for the main hair. For the highlights, I used Lion's Suede Scarlet.

You'll need a needle with a large eye to get the yarn threaded. Don't double thread. If you can't get the needle and yarn through, use a flat, rubber jar opener to yank it through.

Pull the yarn almost to the end, leaving about 2.5 inches of length or longer. Cut the yarn, and tie it in a knot.

I made this doll's hair thick, but you don't really need to. Work your way in a circle around the back of her head until it's filled in. Once finished, take the suede yarn and pull through some highlights.

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How much room is between the point of entry on the needle and the exit?

Do you have information on 'female' hair? or do both the boy and girl have the same hair?

How often and when would you put in the highlight's in the hair?

I am re-doing the hair on 2 primitive dolls. I have never done this before. The dolls are 'made in China' and I just don't want to 'glue' the hair on :( I want to do this right.

I am so happy that 'today' the computer is allowing me to ask with 'spaces'...thank you so much, Connie

Very Interesting (author)  durandconnie8 days ago
Males & females have the same hair, just may be cut different. The highlights were placed in randomly, so I don't have a good answer on that one. I placed them evenly throughout, maybe every 10th piece would be good? Entry & exit need to be close, about 1 cm. You can achieve this by pinching the head while piercing it with the needle. It needs to be close so you can tie a knot. The hair took me about a week to complete. Good luck with yours.