This is something I tried the other night for dinner. It was pretty good, but needs some work on the actual thing. I have no pictures of my own for this right now, but I will ASAP. This is only my second instructable, so please be nice in the comments. Remember this is an experimental thing, perfecting the ultimate portable ramen meal.

Step 1: First Attempt

This was exactly what I used in my first attempt.


1 Stove (or microwave, if you cook your Ramen in the microwave.)
1 Cooking Pot that can hold more than two cups of water (or microwave-safe dish, again if you cook Ramen in the microwave)
1 Microwavable Plate


1 Package of Oriental flavor Ramen Noodles
3 slices of Oscar Mayer Turkey Breast
1 Bag of shredded colby jack cheese
1 Flour Tortilla
Oh my god, maruchan.
do you know if a certain flavor is better? btw I love ramen
I haven't tried with other flavors yet.

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