Picture of How to Make a Realistic Pills Prop (L4D)
In this instructable I will show you how to make a bottle of pills from Left 4 Dead. Very realistic, and it's even relatively cheap! I made the bottle first, then thought, "I bet other people would love this." and decided to put it on Instructables. It's my first one, so it might not be the best. But it will be simple.

Step 1: The Items

Picture of The Items

1. Bottle (I used Colon Clenz. Found at Wal Mart for about seven bucks.)
2. Computer Paper
3. Glue (Something that dries quickly.)
4. Tape (Preferably clear Scotch tape.)
5. Two Rulers
6. Some small things, such as BBs, pellets, tacks even.
7. Scissors

An Villain5 years ago
EdelRitter5 years ago
 Or. You can goto Target and buy a $7 bottle of generic ibuprofen

Not anymore. They changed the look of their label.
 Wow. 500 tablets. Te most that can legally be bought at one time in the UK is either 16 or 32 tablets/pills.
Thats what Americas all about, bulk sizes. Pain pills, cola, toilet paper, cheeseburgers.
Joanassie5 years ago
One could also fill the bottle with the curiously strong mints that come in those tins used all over the site. Realistic tablet action! Great taste! I can't think of another sentence to yell!
JasonMyers (author) 5 years ago
I got it from family. An uncle. I was at his house and asked him for the bottle, thinking it would be great for this. And I guess you could buy the ibuprofen, if you don't care about details.
lemonie5 years ago
You didn't print a label for this then?
Out of interest, what did you do with your $7-worth of "ColonClenz"?

insomniaSAH5 years ago
I've used eveything from tic tacs half dipped in food coloring to plain white mints to all of once color of smarties - stuff like that, for the actual pills.

Then you can actually eat them xD