This can be called a ball machine, be used as an element, or be used as a lift. Here is a guide/tips on how to make one.

Example as ball machine: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3njcoDqyo1k

Examples as a ball lift: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dET0RMmQSZs

Step 1: Design

Unless you're making a circle  shape, it's best to use an octagon shape while following a square scaffold.

When making the octagon shape, try making all edges the same size. It's not essential, but it helps later.
Also decide how wide you want it.  

Choose some elements which can be used from any angle, such as the path drop, a Ferris wheel, or an arm drop.
Also make sure you consider that the ball machine will constantly rotate faster or slower than you want it to.
I had the idea to make such a ball machien the week before you uploaded on yt......oh well, seems like you were quicker, and you did a great job! :D
Oh my god, that is so cool! Awesome build! I voted!
That's very innovative! This new type of ball machine (I think it can be called a new type) has many possibilities, and can be modified to your liking. Good job and voted! :D
WOW! This is ingenious...crazy fun! I'll bet it takes a LOT of forethought in the design stage though. :-) Incredible how all the different parts interact with nothing but rotation and gravity. (But then again, that's descriptive of all ball machines...) This truly could be used as &quot;a ball machine within a ball machine&quot;. <br>So, um, how many paths would you say it has? ;-D
I have only attempted to make a single path for this. You can have more than 1 entry track (on the same side) it you get a good design, naturally making it a path selector. OR you could use a path selector where gravity doesn't play a big role it, increase the friction, then add it inside the revolving part.
Oh, and I forgot to mention...revolutionary and never done before! :-D
Nice concept! Elements have to be thought out in a different way since they'll be rotated, which makes designing them fun. :-)
This is an original approach to a ball machine, well done!

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