This can be called a ball machine, be used as an element, or be used as a lift. Here is a guide/tips on how to make one.

Example as ball machine: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3njcoDqyo1k

Examples as a ball lift: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dET0RMmQSZs

Step 1: Design

I recommend building an octagon-shaped wheel.

The two most important parts to consider are the width and the radius.

A larger machine is more impressive than a smaller one, but has to run slower.

Choose some elements which can be used from any angle, such as the Flipper, a Ferris wheel, or an Arm drop.
Also, keep in mind that the machine will inconsistently rotate.

Please make instructions for the ball machine shown!!! I would DEFINITELY build it☺☺☺☺☺
<p>I've taken it down already. I suggest you try making your own design.</p><p>Pop on to <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Guide-To-Ball-Machine-Elements/" rel="nofollow">this guide</a> where you will find all the classic ball machine elements, and stick them in whatever order you want.</p><p>Make sure you plan every element before you start. This will make it <strong>a lot </strong>easier.</p><strong><u>YOU CAN DO IT!!</u></strong>
I had the idea to make such a ball machien the week before you uploaded on yt......oh well, seems like you were quicker, and you did a great job! :D
Oh my god, that is so cool! Awesome build! I voted!
That's very innovative! This new type of ball machine (I think it can be called a new type) has many possibilities, and can be modified to your liking. Good job and voted! :D
WOW! This is ingenious...crazy fun! I'll bet it takes a LOT of forethought in the design stage though. :-) Incredible how all the different parts interact with nothing but rotation and gravity. (But then again, that's descriptive of all ball machines...) This truly could be used as &quot;a ball machine within a ball machine&quot;. <br>So, um, how many paths would you say it has? ;-D
I have only attempted to make a single path for this. You can have more than 1 entry track (on the same side) it you get a good design, naturally making it a path selector. OR you could use a path selector where gravity doesn't play a big role it, increase the friction, then add it inside the revolving part.
Oh, and I forgot to mention...revolutionary and never done before! :-D
Nice concept! Elements have to be thought out in a different way since they'll be rotated, which makes designing them fun. :-)
This is an original approach to a ball machine, well done!

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Bio: I'm into knex ball machine stuff. My favourite parts are lift/element hybrids, probably because I tried building a perpetual ball machine. It didn ... More »
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