How to Make a Rubber Band Ball!!!





Introduction: How to Make a Rubber Band Ball!!!

In this instructable I will show you how to make a rubber band ball. It looks difficult but it is actually quite simple once you get past the beginning part. So if you have never made a rubber band ball before you've come to the right place. 

Step 1: Supplies!!!

All you need to build your rubber band ball is a small pack of rubber bands and a small bouncy ball. THAT'S IT!!!

Step 2:

To start building your rubber band ball you have to to take two rubber bands and criss cross them across the bouncy ball.  

Step 3:

Now that you criss crossed them you have to take a rubber band and put it sideways on top of the other rubber bands. Once you do that just keep doing the same steps over and over again until you have a rubber band ball.   

Step 4:

I you run out of the right size of rubber bands you can can make two out of one by crossing the rubber band.

Step 5: DONE!!!u

You're done!!! You now have your own rubber band ball that can bounce really high!!! Now that wasn't to hard was it?



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I couldnt do over and over I kept getting flicked with the rubber bands