Picture of How to Make a Rubber Band Ball
This instructable will show you how to make a rubberband ball that you can work on when ever you have free time.
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Step 1: What You need

Picture of What You need
You need two things(Well 100 thousands)

A small marble

Hundreds of thousands of Rubberbands

Step 2: Starting off

Picture of Starting off
Take rubberbands and twist until small enough to fit onto the marble. Do this over and over until there is a ball big enough to pit the rubberband on without twisting it. keep keep putting rubberbands on (not in the same place. You want to put the rubberbands on to make a sphere shape) Do this until the ball is at a good size.

Step 3: Making a Rubber Band chain

Picture of Making a Rubber Band chain
In this step, you make a chain to wrap on the ball. You take two rubber bands and tie them together as in the picture. make a chain as long as you want(more than 2. More like the length of the room from wall to wall)Then take the end rubber band and slide it on to the ball. use the chain to wrab the ball. At the end of the chain, slide the end rubberband on.

Step 4: Hope You Enjoy

Picture of Hope You Enjoy
Keep on going until you have the world record. My ball is about the size of a basketball because i've been working on it on and off for about a year