Step 5: Split and Fold Bags

Picture of Split and Fold Bags
To make usable strips, you must cut and fold each bag.

The bags are cut along both side seams through the handles. This is the easiest way to get the bag to lay flat, and it also requires the least amount of cuts.

Once the bags are cut, you lay the bag open with the original outside (Pretty side) of the bag down. You then fold the long cut edges inward until the whole strip is about 2 inches wide. The bags will try to unroll, but laying them on the back of chair seem to help keep them in the right shape.

If you have extra-large bags or bags that are a thicker material, you can divide those bags lengthwise (parallel to the original side seam cuts) to make extra strips.
cschulz34 years ago
What if you didn't cut through the handles? if you left the handles in tact, you could then use the handles to tie them together such as what is shown on this site: http://globalflyfisher.com/fishbetter/loops2.htm