Step 16:

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I did two cards so that I can show you that you can use a coin, and scratch the paint off the heart revealing what it says underneath.  It works.  Way COOL! 

On Monday night, once my Hubby is in bed, I will go and put the other card on the steering wheel of his truck.  I will have steak and potatoes ready from him when he comes home from work.  Yes, this will work.
Wynd2 years ago
Great idea! :)
khaniloveu3 years ago
hi, this is really superb idea, shud i use only a clear vinyl paper or shall i use a dotted vinyl paper, im planning to make this card for my hubbys birthday, but really dont know wat to fill up... any suggestions pls mail me...
Lovely 'Ible :) Thanks!
techshop13 years ago
Totally awesome idea! Great instructions, Thanks!
craftknowitall (author)  techshop13 years ago
Your welcome!
shenkerism3 years ago
This is incredible. He will surely love it, and you!