Step 16:

I did two cards so that I can show you that you can use a coin, and scratch the paint off the heart revealing what it says underneath.  It works.  Way COOL! 

On Monday night, once my Hubby is in bed, I will go and put the other card on the steering wheel of his truck.  I will have steak and potatoes ready from him when he comes home from work.  Yes, this will work.
<p>I love this idea but this was a disaster for me! I found heart shaped <br>scratch off stickers at My Scratch Offs LLC. www.myscratchoffs.com They <br>are amazing and so cute. Plus the part where I don't have a mess to deal<br> with! :)</p>
Congratulation on finding a solution to your challenge. Thanks for sharing.<br>
<p>Do I have to use acrylic paint? or can I use regular paint that comes with a kids arts and crafts toy like this one </p>
Those are acrylic paints. Yes, they should work! Thanks for asking.
<p>I have been looking for something exactly like this. Thanks so much for sharing :)</p>
<p>I used this method to create a fake lottery ticket scratch-off for my nephew who's old enough to just want money.</p><p>Since then, I've created a business around it using an online redemption system using PayPal. If you want to <a href="http://scratchoffgiftcard.com" rel="nofollow">gift someone money</a>, you can order my pre-made cards here: <a href="http://scratchoffgiftcard.com" rel="nofollow">http://scratchoffgiftcard.com</a></p>
<p>can you use plain paint instead of metallic paint?</p>
Yes, any acrylic paint will do.
this is reallly great...wow...thanks so much...
<p><a href="http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/METALLIC-SILVER-ARTISTE-ACRYLIC-PAINT-59-ML-2OZ-WATER-BASED-ALL-PURPOSE-FAST-DRY-/171471687136?pt=UK_Crafts_DrawingSupplies_EH&hash=item27ec824de0" rel="nofollow">http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/METALLIC-SILVER-ARTISTE-...</a></p><p>is that paint ok to use?</p>
If it is a water based acrylic paint it should be just fine. Thanks for asking.
<p>I used this same painting method to make this <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Scratch-Off-Globe/" rel="nofollow">scratch-off globe</a>! Thanks for the great idea and inspiration! </p>
<p>Wow! That was a lot of work. Congratulations on a job well done.</p>
You are an evil genious
Great idea! :)
Aaaw cant help to notice the 10 things you love about your husband. It's so damn sweet. And I love this project too! Will make one for V day. Thanks for the instructables!
Does anyone else have trouble painting on the contact paper? Every time I try to paint a second layer of paint, it rubs off the first layer. I'm using acrylic paint, should I use something else?
You need to add liquid dish soap to the paint to help it stick. Thanks for looking.
hi, this is really superb idea, shud i use only a clear vinyl paper or shall i use a dotted vinyl paper, im planning to make this card for my hubbys birthday, but really dont know wat to fill up... any suggestions pls mail me...<br>
Lovely 'Ible :) Thanks!
You're welcome.
I love love love this! Such a great idea!!<br>Thanks &lt;3
Glad you liked it!
This instructable had great instuctions and made a great gift. I used purple paint instead of metallic, and it worked fine. I used wax paper instead of vinyl, and it worked decently, not quite as scratch-off as lotto tickets but still scratchable.
Today I discovered that the local dollar store had the clear contact paper. Wow, keep that in mind for next time. My Hubby loved it! Hope your sweetheart did to. Thanks for looking and commenting.<br>
Totally awesome idea! Great instructions, Thanks!
Your welcome!
I used a Hot Pink Acrylic paint, and did have to do two layers, but non-metallic paints do work. Also, on a side note, if you don't have any clear vinyl sheets, or you can't find any, matte tape works just as well. It limits the size a little, and it's difficult to get on there BUT it works too.
This is incredible. He will surely love it, and you!
Thank you! He tells me he loves me every day!
Thank you for this terrific idea! I am planning a party in the future and plan to incorporate this idea (party favor?!)
Your welcome!
Do you have to use a metallic paint or can it be any kind of paint?
I think metallic is needed so that you can't read through it. If you want to use another color, you could try and do more than just 2 coats and use a dark color. Thanks for looking and asking.
Thanks, I'll give it a try in a couple of days.
This is a very nice, thoughtful, and romantic card. It will mean much more than any store-bought card. It gets my vote. <br> <br>
Thank you, I'm glad you like it.

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