Step 9:

Take a deep breath.  You are done with that part. 
I think wrapping the pages you don't want glue on with glad press n seal and then a grocery bag would be the way to go.... I'm hollowing out an old Hymnal that I keep next to my Bibles to hide my.... ???
<p>Sounds like a great idea. Thanks for commenting and good luck.</p>
<p>I made this, and changed a little. I wanted a photo frame, so i glued together the two halves separately. then i shallowly cut the pages. The pictures are not in yet, but this is the book</p>
That's sooooo kewl !!! I think i'm making one from from a Dr Seuss book for pics of my daughter, thanks for the idea !!! You're my hero today Celeste !!! ????
<p>Congratulations and thanks for sharing.</p>
<p>Thank you so much for making this <em>Instructable</em></p>
Does it have to be hard cover? Or is it just easier to do this then a soft book <br>Thanks
<p>hard cover is the best but if you don't have one or your too lazy to buy one like me then go with soft coverings</p>
Hard cover is heavier, this sturdier, yet since you glue the pages together you could do it with a paper back book. Thanks for commenting.
<p>thanks it realy helped i am going to put my phone in the one i make so i can text in class</p>
I picked up an old copy of Robinson Crusoe from a thrift store for a dollar or two and now it sits on my shelf, ready to conceal whatever small things I decide to store in it. Great Instructable.
I loved this idea!! Can a box cutter work to cut the pages?
this is a perfect idea to hide many stuff, awesome!
love your work, you've been featured: <br>http://secretbooksafe.com/diy-hollow-book-safes/
Thanks, I am honored.
Great tutorial. I just posted a <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-Make-a-Secret-Book-Hidden-Compartment-Spy/" rel="nofollow"><strong>video</strong></a> on Instructables on the same subject (I made the video about 5 years ago when I had a Spy Gear website). Be careful, HowCast will rip you off! They stole one of my video ideas.
Very cool! When I made a hollowed out book for a christmas present, I drilled 4 small holes in the pages for the corners, that helped keep them even. I started out using a knife like you but switched to a dremel tool. The inside of your book looks much more neat and clean, nice job!
thanks for the idea of a dremel tool, i would have never thought of that. sounds way faster. good idea.
Thanks for looking and commenting.
I built one of these years ago, but I didn't think to glue the pages, so it didn't work very well.

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