Step 9: Your Finished

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Now just let your seed bomb air dry and your finished. You can fit about 9 seed bombs or more in one pocket (estimated from size 12 boys blue jeans) and if you multiply that by how many pockets you have in your pants, jacket, and even hat plus the number of people you bring with you then you have a lot of area you can cover with your seed bombs! Now throw your seed bombs of change into any vacant lot, neglected flower bed, or bare lot and don't forget to water your new brand new guerrilla garden!
SeaFire2 years ago
Ok, I know this is a bit old, but I have a thought. Even though it might add a little bit to the expense of making the "bombs" couldn't you use catfish dough ball bait for the interior of the "bombs", perhaps the stuff with blood mixed in. You could just stuff the seeds into the dough balls, then make little raviolis with them and the clay, and then coat the outside of those with compost? Another option would be to roll the dough bait in the seeds and then cover with clay. The dough bait would have moisture as well as a compost like composition ready to go.
karlchwe5 years ago
Going by the comments, a lot of people don't understand how these things work. Of course, the instructions don't explain it either. 

The clay is there to protect seeds from being eaten, especially by birds. Birds won't eat things covered with clay or clay dust. So alternatives like papier mache wouldn't work (and would possibly be more expensive.) 

The seed bombs shouldn't break open. In fact they should stay relatively intact even after they have been wet by rain a few times. That way the seeds stay protected and moist. When the seeds germinate, they will break through the clay. 

They seeds don't need water right away. They will stay dormant until rain comes. If the seeds are the right for the area, then they will do fine. Of course, not every single seed will sprout. 

But the comment about using plants that are native to the area is an important one. Buy seed mixtures of native flowers and plants. Not only will they grow well, they will not crowd out other plants, disrupt bird and insect populations, or do other environmental damage. 
Your comment sounds alittle more than what appreciation for this project.. more like youre are tryin to justify urself and overly gradify urself in somone elses moment.. you mad at this guys idea that you didnt do it first?
Thank you for your explainings. The thought of the reginal Biodiversity seems very important to me too.
And then, I would say, make a little prayr when you throw the bomb. The natural beeings will love it. They ll be gardening what they can!
Thanks for the explanation, got one more question. Once the seed germinate... how would they attach to the earth? I'm having a hard time imagining how they could... Thanks!
dewexdewex4 years ago
What about one of these?


Put greaseproof paper on the dies to stop the clay sticking, or dust them with flour first.
i love this idea, i have some poppie seeds which i just collected. Not the red wild type, but the cultivated double pink type. Very pretty. I have thousands of seeds, and they tend to germinate very well. The problem i have had is that there is grass and weeds ontop of the plots that i have in mind. So this little trick combining the soil with the seeds is ideal. The only thing is i dont want to make a thousand seed bombs, and only 1 seed will be needed per bomb. I need some way to mass produce these easily, or a proper exploding seed bomb which spreads the seeds would be even better. I thought i could lay a piece of clay down, then seeds and soil, and then cut into lots of pieces and roll up, would be a little quicker, but still not really quick enough. I would be doing this for another 6 months mind cause its late summer now...
 Well, here's an idea, I work with clay quite a bit being a ceramic student and if you got basic throwing clay you could form hollow balls with the seeds and compost inside. Now depending on how thick you make the walls when these hit the ground they explode with some force and recess everything into the ground. 
roll out the the clay thin and long  and behave like this
________________ (end of clay)
================ (clay without anything on it)
**********************  (compost)
'''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''  (line of seeds)
________________ (the other end of clay)

all three parts schould be equal in size... after setting it up like this fold the clay with seeds on the compost part and then folt the pure clay on thop of that... roll the whole e few times through compost and cut it in about 2 inch long parts and you have got many seedbombs with a sqarelike shape
Why not just mix it all together in a large bucket or bowl? Then separate into small balls. Iike making cookies!  I doubt it is essential that the seed be near the middle of the bomb, and if you're mass producing them you should end up with lots that work anyway. 
you could if the flowers like it over seed it and maybe it could drive out the lawn grass kind of what mint does or when you overseed a lawn. You can make a lot more to if you have a group of people doing it then production increases 10 fold!
If you can you can try and go at the darkest of the night when there is not a full moon and try to weed it out then the next mourning you throw the seed bombs. You can make several seed bombs if you have a group of people who will help you to!
robj981685 years ago
This is so cool. Thanks for the instructions and were to find materials.
teslafan1006 years ago
they actually do have bio degradable balloons.
also instead of tater tots in your pockets use seed bombs also check this out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aVev83o_Q_4
How do you make a link?
lol ty.
An Villain5 years ago
biodegradeable water balloons for guerrilla watering.
Bubbler6 years ago
I've seen this done where the maker also mixed dry cow manure into the the mix. Instant food for the plants.
roosta6 years ago
cool idea. you could try putting them inside water balloons so they get watered striaght away. kinda defeats the point cos then you would need to go collect the balloon. anyone got a bio degradeable alternative to a balloon?
treesneedtobehugged (author)  roosta6 years ago
They do have biodegradable water balloons and the clay would wash off and so would the compost if you put one inside, though you can water them with water balloons!
Or water them with an aquaglove....
Throw that!
treesneedtobehugged (author)  Rotten1946 years ago
lol that would work but all dogs should leave the area!
they make bio degradeable water balloons. so if you can find some that would fix your problem.
bamboochik6 years ago
There was a gentleman who made these on the "Gardeners Diary" show on HGTV. I think he lived in MS. He said his mama taught him how to do that years ago (he was not young) and all he did was take up a chunk of clay and mix some seeds in it so that they were all covered well and then threw them here and there in his pretty flower beds. Wildflowers for your area of the country are the best ones to use. Throw them out in spring during a rain if possible and they will soon germinate. Thanks for reminding me of this great way to plant! I hope others take it up and beautify some of the ugly lot's around where ever they live.
CRREATIVE.. BUT wont the clay be preventive? is there a faster "shell" to make it with so it wont take long to break down.?
I was thinking bread dough or wonton wrappers could be sub. for clay. They would disintegrate after a nice rain; plus it's one more thing the seedling could eat.
Dragonwolf6 years ago
Thanks for making a seed bomb instructable— this is exactly what I was looking for. What are some hardy plants you reccomend?
treesneedtobehugged (author)  Dragonwolf6 years ago
forget me not, native species to your area, usually perennials, sunflowers, etc.
OK, thanks!
The problem with these(I have had it happen to me) is that someone can just throw them in your garden, or flowerbed, or even regular yard, simply to tick you off. However, I like the general idea, as long as you aren't breaking laws or causing problems for the owners.
jacis10396 years ago
gallatea6 years ago
Would love to see a seedbomb in bloom or action! great idea
arboles6 years ago
Bravo!. Lo mejor es la idea: guerrilla para ajardinar el mundo. Enhorabuena.
Mr. Alex6 years ago
do these things explode?
superthrust6 years ago
This is a great idea to add some beauty to some much urban areas... Is there a timeframe you know of that will start to show some of the growing? i wouldn't mind throwing some in my garden.
The timeframe depends on the seed and the water conditions you give it and if it is native to your area.