Picture of How to Make a Seed Card
I had always had the problem of were to put my information on the plants I was growing in my garden. I had tried notebooks but you couldn't add any pictures due to the small size and would be hard to find the information I needed. Then I came up with the seed card. Its just a 12x8 in. piece of construction paper that can be easily hanged up ( if punched in with a hole puncher ) and is easy to read, and has straightforward information that when a problem develops in the garden you can easily find and solve. You can also instantly see also the type of crop you are growing to because you just have your seed packet right on the seed card.

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
All the materials listed can be found in most any home or office
scissors (optional)
ruler (optional)
hole puncher
seed packet
white construction paper
finton4 years ago
Great idea, trees... ! How about opening the packet right out, writing below it, and having a place to clip the foil inner bag if any seeds are left? Sort of like this:
ScreenHunter_01 2010-10-23 17.29.jpg
treesneedtobehugged (author)  finton4 years ago
Great idea!! could you make it small enough?
Should fit OK. In your picture the un-opened-out packet is less than half the paper width, and the back of the packet shows details you'd otherwise have to write down, so the bottom right corner (as in my pic) should be enough for anything else you need to write.
DebH576 years ago
Congrats on your feature Trees!
treesneedtobehugged (author) 6 years ago
Great idea myrrhmaid!
myrrhmaid6 years ago
You could put these in a transparent sleeve in a binder like a gardening scrapbook journal. Thanks for the inspiration!
canida6 years ago
What a good idea! This makes so much sense.
DebH576 years ago
Very nice project Trees and a handy refrence tool too. Well done.
treesneedtobehugged (author) 6 years ago
You can make any decorations or designs on the seed card you want and can be very beautiful. Makes a excellent project for kids also!