Throughout this Instructable I will show you how to make a Settlers of Catan board out of plywood. Using some scrap plywood I found in my workshop I made a very simple settlers of catan game using plywood and other scraps.

You can also find this tutorial over on my blog: http://www.dudediy.com/how-to-make-a-settlers-of-catan-board-out-of-wood/

• Plywood & Plywood Scraps
• Spray Paint (Red, Tan, Blue, Grey, Light and Dark Green, and Yellow)
• Wood Files
• Jig Saw
• Circular Saw
• Miter Saw
• Sand Paper
• Clamps/Vise Grip
• Drill/Screw Gun
• Safety Glasses
• Sharpie/Carpenter Pencil
• Palm Sander/Table Sander

Find some of the supplies on Amazon.com below:

Step 1: Trace & Cut Out the Inside Pieces of the Board

You can do this in several different orders but I chose to work on the board itself first, and then trace the pieces after to insure my border fits perfectly.

• Take a game piece from a Settlers of Catan board and trace it onto some scrap wood. I've attached an image showing the dimensions if you do not have the game. Image credit to: engineering.purdue.edu
• Always line the pieces up on the edge of the plywood to reduce the overall amount of cuts you'll have to make.
• Also try your best to line up the pieces so you can make longer continuous cuts. Also helping reduce the overall total cuts. Trust me there's a lot of cuts.

<p>One of the better Catan projects I've seen. Nice work!</p>
<p>Really nicely done! Awesome Instructable!</p>

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