Hello thé video is gone :-(
your <a href="http://www.notjustyet.com/product-list/24">babydoll</a> looks so amazing, wow!!
i was noticing in the back what did you do it looks like it was pined up or something
this girl could wear a trash bag and it would look amazing!<br />
She is the most beautiful seamstress I've ever seen.&nbsp; i can watch her video's aall day to catch that beautiful smile.<br />
send her all of our old t shirts. she'll make good use of of them
what a poor use of a good workshop rag!! ;)
*jawdrop* Wow.<br/>
That is so awesome, but I kinda need more of a closeup on the actual shirt once it is finished (not on you, i am not trying to be rude) so that i understand the instructions better.
wait she was making a shirt.......wow
eres la mejor!
wow thats sexy!!!

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