How to Make a Sexy Thong





Introduction: How to Make a Sexy Thong

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Learn how to make a sexy thong!



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    Comfortable and sexy.

    Wow it is great it looks sexy and I feel sexy wearing it. It's really comfortable and nice to wear on your piriod

    Looks great and sexy. You could use strips of thin Lycra/Spandex cloth in place of elastic without hemming. The cloth curls up when cut on its own. The elastic could pinch soft skin. A talented designer and a very beautiful model.........:). Bet you have many swooning.

    i think its wonderful looks great =)

    the thick elastic would make a rash, they are made to be removed ;D

    :-) wow complimenti!!

    Very Cute sweetheart, but wife says use thinner elastic for comfort.

    Very nice! But wouldn't elastic snag/rub uncomfortably?

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    Pretty sure it can give you a nasty rash.....

    yes. yes it would. there's a reason you can't buy thongs with elastic that is uncovered like that. you could very easily use some stretchy lace, though. i also would never use ribbed cotton and then not hem it.

    I wonder how I knew that....


    To be fair, I don't think we can judge the aesthetic quality of the project without a more complete modeling shot. Just sayin'.

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    I agree - in all honesty, I was wondering if it would look right in the back with the white strap going down the middle, since the straps look so thick. Meh.

    honestly did people here watch for the person or the product ?? lol

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    i dont think you need us 2 answer...duh, for the person.....

    I watched the witch costume instructable she made for the product then kept watching for the person