Introduction: How to Make a Shabby Chic Burlap Table Runner With Rosettes

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I love the simple things in life. And what could be more simple than to gather some burlap and sew some circles of fabric to make this trendy chic burlap table runner.

(This shabby chic burlap table runner is quick and easy to sew.)

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Measure and cut the burlap the size you want your table runner to be. Burlaps frays very quickly and easily so the first thing you want to do once your table runner is cut out, is zig-zag stitch the edges of your runner. Use a tight zig-zag stitch, this will hold the edges of your fabric together and they will not fray.

You can use a thread color that matches the burlap, or be creative and use a contrasting color that will match your decor.

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Now let's make the rosette. Trace a circle twice the size you want your rosette to be. (Twice the size, because once you sew your rosette it shrinks to half the size.) I used a cup and saucer plate for my rosettes.

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Hand sew a baste or running stitch around the outer edge of the circle.

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As you hand sew around the outer edge pull your thread gently and you will see a rosette starting to form.

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Once you have sewn all the way around use your fingers and thumbs to manipulate the rosette until it is the way you like it. Tie a knot or two to hold it in place. Cut your thread.

Step 6:

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Now it's time to have fun trying different ideas to decorate your fabric rosette. For this one I added another piece of fabric in the center and then a blue button.

Step 7:

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For this one I just cut a circle from a decorative piece of cardstock paper and hot glued it on.

The ideas are endless!

Once your rosette is completely ready, sew or hot glue it to one corner of your table runner. Once again, be creative. You can add it to opposite ends, all four ends, sew a row of rosettes at one end. Be creative and make your own look!

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