For this project you will need: 

- A Shadow Box
- A Sharp X-Acto Knife
- A Surface to Cut On. (I used an old cutting board)
- Mounting Tape
- A Straight Edge
- Scissors
- Paper in Two Shades of Red, Leafy Green, Plain Green, Wood Colored, Cream Colored, Orange, Yellow, Tan, Black, Grey, and Gold
- Glue
- Paints (optional)  If you have all of the above listed colors in paper and were able to find textures and prints you think will go with the picture, then don't worry about the paint. If you do want to use paint, the paints I used were Red, White, Green, Orange, Black, Brown, Yellow, Grey, and Gold. If you plan on using gold or grey paint then don't worry about getting gold or grey paper and vise versa.

I got the idea of making a shadow box picture when I came across one made out of perler beads at a convention. I was extremely impressed with their ability to make the image 3 dimensional with the use of mounting tape. I don't own any perler beads, so I wondered if I decided to make my own 3D picture out of paper. This is instructable is a breakdown of how I did it.

I started by purchasing the shadow box, a pretty logical step since it would be pretty sad to make the whole picture and then be unable to find a frame that would fit it. I already owned the paper since I love scrapbook activities and tend to by small packs of different colors when they are on sale at Joann Fabrics. If you do not already have the paper, I recommend doing a quick sketch of the scene you would like to create and figuring out which colors you need for it. Then take the sketch and a list of the colors you need to a craft store near you that sells individual pieces of paper and get one or two of each of the colors you need. many of the individual pieces don't cost more than 50 cents each so it would be cheaper this way then buying the packs of colors I own.

The next thing I did, after purchasing the shadowbox, was decide on the picture I wanted to have in it. I did this the same way I make most of my important artistic decisions, and looked around the room I was in. I spotted the tree my sister decorated leaning against our home's red accent wall and decided that was the sort of Christmas-y feel I wanted. That, and a fireplace. Fireplaces have always screamed Christmas to me and I love the look of brick.

With my basic design in my head, I began.

Step 1:

I removed the back of the shadow box and laid it to the side. This was when I noticed an extra layer of frame on the inside which would block my picture if I neglected to take it into account. You could remove the hindrance with your own picture if you'd like, but I decided I liked it and made a mental note to remember it in the end when I'm sticking everything together.

I then used the paper that came with the frame and, using it as the template, cut a square of red. This insured I made the red square which would be the background into the perfect size for the frame.

Then I took the paper that came with the frame once again and traced the sides, this time only and inch up one side and about double that on the other side. Then I used the paper as a straight edge in order to trace a line between the ends of the two lines I had already cut. I would recommend using a straight edge instead of the paper from here on out, since I only used the paper after this because I needed some sort of guide for making my lines straight. Also, you don't really need the tan piece I made in the fourth and fifth pictures and explained how to make at the beginning of this paragraph. It was intended to look like the floor of the room the scene is in, and it does well enough, but when I look back at the finished project  I noticed the bottom of the frame looks like a floor already. I didn't realize it until I was already done, but I figured I should let you know so you can take it into account when you make your own picture.

I then glued the floor piece on top of the wall piece and glued them both to the backing of the frame.

This is so cute!

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