Introduction: How to Make a Shaving Cream Zen Garden

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Step 1: As a Montessori Toddler Teacher, I've Had the Great Opportunity to Try Out Activities That I Have Found in Books From Working at the Library and Have to Say That Working With Shaving Cream Is My Favorite So Far:

Step 2: The Idea Behind Working With Shaving Cream on a Tabletop Is That the Children Are Stimulating Their Tactile Senses While Learning About Colors.

I've also found that if you spray a mound of colored shaving cream in front of a rowdy child, turn up the opera music (I am immensely found of Andrea Boccelli), and dim the lights, you are sure to induce a calm in both you and the child.

Step 3: My Poor Assistant Teacher Was Not As Enthused About the Idea of Arming Eight Two-year-olds With Shaving Cream and Food Coloring... the clean-up can be a bit alarming, but as she watched one of our most active (read: hyper and wild) children rub circles into the tabletop methodically, she admitted that it was a type of a "zen garden."

Step 4: I Love to Try Out These Activities on My Daughter in the Afternoons Before Dinner.


codongolev (author)2008-09-30

in first grade, we would put shaving cream on the desk, smear it around, and spell spelling words in it. It was fun, we learned, and the custodian got a day off.

aliencam (author)codongolev2009-02-13

We did the same in my school. Just to clean the desks though, I don't remember any actual learning going on. But maybe we did something, and I only remember the fun part!

CreativeGeek (author)aliencam2013-05-09

Lol, I wanna try that again someday all of a sudden.

codongolev (author)aliencam2009-02-14

yeah. they did that in freshman seminar in my school (because apparently freshmen are still 6 and need to learn about character and stuff) and it left the desks all nasty.

RocketPenguin (author)codongolev2011-03-16

we did that too!!!

CreativeGeek (author)2013-05-09

Man, they would have us smear shaving cream around when I was little, I had a blast. :)

Doctor What (author)2008-09-30

Cool idea. I'll try this with my little sister!

tracidraw (author)Doctor What2008-09-30

Just make sure to join in!

Alyakpink (author)tracidraw2009-07-31

My dad has an ipod touch, and he has the zen garden app, were your finger is the rake. It's REALLY fun!!

tracidraw (author)Alyakpink2009-09-18

:) !!!!!!!!!!!

Lithium Rain (author)2008-09-30

What a brilliant idea. For little kids and myself!

tracidraw (author)Lithium Rain2008-10-01

Thanks, and I'll be over for apples!

duck-lemon (author)tracidraw2008-12-15

Me have apples too ? ...pwease?

Lithium Rain (author)tracidraw2008-10-01


PKM (author)2008-10-01

If you want to go completely zen-garden, find one of those tiny plastic toy rakes, or even a coarse-tooth comb or a hairbrush :) Ah, Montessori- best school in the history of ever.

tracidraw (author)PKM2008-10-01

Now, that would be great!