How to Make a Shop Towel Bottle Stopper


Introduction: How to Make a Shop Towel Bottle Stopper

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What's absorbent, blue and covered in epoxy? Yep! A Shop Towel Bottle Stopper.

I think I might have a problem...

Whenever I have a little extra resin I pour it into mold just for experiment. This is the leftovers from about 3 other projects.

While I was sanding the white slurry of plastic residue got into every nook and cranny of this project. Be thankful that I spared you have to watching me blow it with the air and then resort to picking it out with an awl. It took a bit.

I also tried something else new, which was adding lacquer after sanding through 12000 grit with the micro mesh. I like the effect, and it also helped to add a glossy finish to all the voids I couldn't reach with while on the lathe!



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    It'd be interesting to see what the result would be if you stacked them, like they do denim from jeans, when making knife handles.

    Just in case it helps, for a future project, I use dowel screws for my stoppers. It doesn't seem to matter if I use the type that take a nut or the type that screw into wood.

    If buying them, I try to avoid any longer than about 1-1/2", so it only goes 3/4" into the cork or the top.

    What did you use for the mold? These would make nice drawer pulls also. You have some really great ideas! Thank you for sharing.

    This is actually really cool. I think it looks awesome. What a great Idea!

    it reminds me of Egyptian blue ,The clay the anchents used to make beads and totems very cool

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    I just looked that up. A really cool dye, and even cooler that it's that over 3 thousand years old!

    its amazing what people could do and can do.

    Did the cork have that hole through or is there any particular advantage of putting the dowel through the cork?

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    Without the hole, there just isn't enough glue surface to hold the cork on. Also the cork will wear away, so with the dowel, it's easily replaceable!

    While I haven't experienced cork wear the not holding up part seems possible. I'm suggesting that instead of drilling through it all, you drill as far as you can without going through, that would do the trick I guess. I haven't used dowels for that myself though, my choice is to use a clipped thick wood/structural screw with glue.

    This is an incredible project, thanks so much for sharing! How long did it take you to make this?

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    Thanks! The longest part was waiting for the resin to cure! About 1 hour totaly turning and sanding time!