Introduction: How to Make a Simple Book

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How to make a simple book with cover from some document you just want it to look nice.

Step 1: Materials

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The materials you will need are:
A folder
Masking tape
Printed file of what you want to turn into a book

The tool you will need are:
Scissor o cardboard cutter
Makers ( in my case i used a laser engraver)
Guillotine for paper

Step 2: Print and Cut

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Print and cut the document living a margin of about 5mm on the left side of the page and 1 or 2 mm on all the other sides.

Step 3: Hold Them Together

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Hold and align all the pages together.
Staple the pages, this ensures that the work wont be out of other for the next steps.

Step 4: Measure and Cut

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Measure how big you document and cut a rectangle of the same size, you can make it a little bigger to hide any imperfections on the document borders.

Step 5: Make a Design on Your Cover

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To make your cover you can use anything, from a maker to laser cutter.
Here i made a design in illustrator.
Then a set the cutter to engrave my design on the rectangular cut of the folder.

Step 6: Finishing Touches

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Now to give the finishing touches i staple the cover to the pages, you can glue them too, an cover the Staples with Masking tape, this gave it the look of a hard cover book.


AngelB28 (author)2016-06-09

thanx!!!!! :)

seamster (author)2016-06-09

Looks good! Great simple way to create a book. Nicely done :)

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