Step 2: Cutting Off Flaps of Smaller Box

Picture of Cutting Off Flaps of Smaller Box
Cut off the four flaps of the smaller box so they don't get in the way.
charlis14 years ago
Instead of cutting the flaps off, how about just flattening them to the outside walls of the box? They would add some insulation, then I would try using as many sheets of cardboard as would fit in the spaces instead of the crushed paper. All the corrugated and solid layers would add great insulation, I would think, as well as making the whole box stronger. I'll make one that way and report back.
I agree with you charlis1.  If well fitted cardboard sheets were used to fill the space between the two boxes, I think the insulating value would be greater than wadded newspaper.

However, IF the wadded newspaper prevents the outer box from heating above ambient, then our cardboard idea would be overkill.

Additionally, to use our idea of all cardboard for the insulation, several more boxes would be required.  I also agree however, that the full cardboard would add excellent rigidity to the assembly.