Introduction: How to Make a Simple Dark Sensor Using 555 Timer

In this tutorial i will show you how to make a simple Dark Sensor using 555 timer.

To build your own Dark Sensor using 555 timer you can watch the video embedded in this step or continue reading.

Step 1: Parts List

Picture of Parts List

***Parts List***

1 * 555 Timer

1 * 8 Pin IC Base

1 * LDR

1 * Green LED

2 * 3 Pin Terminal Block

1 * 470 Ohm, 1.5k Ohm, 5.6k Ohm, 15k Ohm

1 * 1N4007


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Step 2: Circuit Diagram

Picture of Circuit Diagram

I have shared two circuit diagrams : one with the pot & one without the pot

1. One without the pot : for this i determined the value of R2 by trial & error method. This value senses the dark exactly at the time of sunset

2. One with Pot : this gives you the option of changing the sensing according to your convenience at any given point of time

Step 3: Construction

Picture of Construction

Now assemble the components on a PCB according to the circuit diagram and solder the components.

After soldering check the circuit & power the circuit

For the test results you can watch the video embedded in the first page or click here

Thank you for reading !!!


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ahmet_024102 (author)2017-10-11

amazing fann

tytower (author)2017-10-11

Instead of rehashing up stuff that has been done 20,000 times already on every place conceivable on the internet , why don't you try and develop this to be adjustable properly and be finely polished so it turns on exactly when we want it on . None do and you know yours wont also .The rest above is just click baiting to earn you money

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