This is just a simple wallet, good for beginners and people that may be having trouble with a more advanced one. This one is just a simple billfold and four credit card pockets, with an optional design. Keep in mind that this is also my first instructable (Yay!) and all of the photos are taken from my phone. Enjoy!

Step 1: Materials

For the materials you will need:
- One or two colors of duct tape. You may need more for designs.
- A ruler
- An X-Acto knife (exacto?)
- A pair of scissors
- A credit card or gift card
<p>it was pretty good</p>
It turned out incredible!
Since scissors stick to the tape, I found an easier way to do them. Just make a small cut with the scissors, then tear it.
This step is confusing me a bit
I am about to try it. I hope I will be able to actually make it and that it turns out nice!
I love how you put the golden arches in there...my favorite place for lunch :)
That's actually a nice one. Folds &amp; Lines are quite Precise actually. Standard issue McDonald's wallet .
*commenting due to lack of comments*

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Bio: Me me me, I like Duct tape, Doctor Who, and The Beatles. And frying stuff. Thats always fun.
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