Picture of How to Make a Simple Macrame' Bracelet (or necklace)
Taking a long road trip this summer? Well, we know how boring those can be. That's why we're gonna show you how to make some awesome hemp bracelets. It'll keep you awake and you can keep the driver awake. Plus, hemp is for both guys and girls, so guys, get our your hemp too and let's get ready to hit the road!

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Here's the complete show, but read on for step-by-step detailed instructions.

Step 1: The hemp

Picture of The hemp
Get out your hemp twine. if you don't want to use hemp there is a wide variety of colored cord you can chose from. the thicker the cord the bigger your bracelet or necklace. Cut off two long strands.
SIRJAMES093 years ago
always wondered how they did that....

TY for sharing
I like the "take it with you" approach. I'm always falling asleep in the passenger's seat, so this is a great idea!
Alittle too fast of a video but after watching it a few times a figured out how to make a pretty cool braclet :) (';')
wobbler5 years ago
Great Instructible. I'm going to make one tonight. However, for a necklace, I'd make sure it has a weak point or clasp so if it does get trapped or pulled it breaks away and doesn't strangle you!
redbeatles5 years ago
Very Biautiful!
CrazySheep5 years ago
Roughly, how long should it be for both a bracelet and necklace? Using twine like yours?
brokenbones5 years ago
Thats wiked beast
so..... the 2 outer strands go around and around the 2 middle strands?
R4Man185 years ago
did it in a movie vehic... very impressive and cute foot
Khaos117 years ago
mine doesn't twist like yours does, it just stays flat :P idk what I did wrong but it still looks cool thanks
ok dude heres what you gotta do .Always do your first cross over from the same side it doesnt matter what side but its gotta be the same side
Ferrite Khaos117 years ago
You keep alternating which cord goes over which, you have to keep going the same to to make it spiral.
Khaos11 Ferrite7 years ago
o ok
hey, do u know where i can get some monster-hitman? you seem like you like monster
no, i havent been able to find it either
but your right i do love monster
bubba77 Khaos116 years ago
buy it in bulk at bj;s :D
i cant doo it lol feel like a nob, good vid tho
mine wont twist! and im tying the same knot the whole time!! please. any suggestions?
baconmanx96 years ago
after you attach the hemp to the dowel or pencil, putting the pencil under a clip board really helps, 2 free hands and a work surface
thanks !! well done !!
karoclou7 years ago
Where did you buy the roll of hemp? How much was it?
I usually get my hemp and other knotting materials here it is good quality. The hemp and cotton cord is closer to the bottom of the page.
anthony127 years ago
thanks guys it worked and the bracelet looks great
Rather than holding on to the dowel the whole time, after finishing this step, put the dowel under your toes and bring the hemp between your big toe and the next. This way you have two hands free and can make tighter knots.
thumbelina8 years ago
I make these all the time, but i never thought of putting it on a dowel, I always just tape it to my leg haha.
bumpus8 years ago
looks like you got so bored on your roadtrip that you decided to make an instructable haha cool