How to Make a Simple Motion Sensor Led Light (Revisited) (PIR)


Introduction: How to Make a Simple Motion Sensor Led Light (Revisited) (PIR)

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Hi Again!

Now, I am here with a new Model of PIR Simple Motion Sensor Led Light!

The Previous Instructable had Portability Issues and a Resistor Problem.

In this Version i have made it more Compact and Easy to keep with a little improvement which i got from comment.

Kits would be soon available for Grabs.

Message me to Book one. Price would be Only 7$ + Shipping ( would be estimated according to country)

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Step 1: Gather All the Parts

Let's Make!

First of all List of Parts Required:

1) PIR

2) PCB

3) BC547

4) 1k

5) Screw Terminal (2 Pin)

6) 4 White Leds.

7) Long Male Header (3Pin)

Sorry.. forgot to click pictures of parts.

But you could search the part image on google ;)

Step 2: Circuit

I Slightly Modified it from my previous instructable.

Now it has 1k in between transistor and pir. by which it reduces the drop out voltage of transistor.

Step 3: PCB Eagle Board File.

Taking measurments of PIR Was a Lot difficult but the measurment tool in eagle cad, made my day.

It helped me take a good measurments and helped to find the middle of the board

See Picture how i figured out the size and where to place components.

Step 4: Toner Transfer , Etching , Drilling ....

If you don't know how to do this then Please see these steps in my previous Instructable Here.

Step 5: Let's Start Soldering - Solder Screw Terminal

Solder the Screw Terminal...

Step 6: Solder BC547 Transistor

Solder BC547...

Remember The Position.

Step 7: Solder 1K Resistor

Solder the Resistor...

Step 8: Solder the Leds

Now Solder Those Leds.

No Need to Drill holes for it.

Because these would be soldered directly to board.

Step 9: Now Solder the Header & Join the PIR

Now Solder The Header to the Board and then with the other header on the PIR.

Step 10: Finished!

That's it!

We have made a Cool Looking Compact Motion sensor Light.

Now Power It ON with 12v Regulator.

Give it a warm up time of 20 sec.

Now it should light up leds when motion is sensed.



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    2 Questions

    i want to attach a buzzer to the motion sensor, how would i do that?

    Why do you change the name of the files to a 14 character cryptic name when I down load the file?


    hi i would like to purchase to purchase 3 of the kits..

    I need help on a project on making a soccer ball that lights up whenever you kick it, can you help by any chance?

    1 reply

    Hi, You can use a simple Spring core Vibration Sensor and connect a Led in series to it. So when every you kick it . It will light up

    I made this, but discovered that using the 1k resistor between the pir out on transistor base reduces current to LEDs and I get less brightness. Bridged the resistor out and got maximum brightness i expect from my LEDs. :S

    1 reply

    That Might be Due to Less Current from Adapter , Mine Worked Fine over 12v 1A Adapter. if Problem remains same after 12v 1A, then you can use of 150Ohm Resistor instead of 1K. ( Just wanna let you know, more the brightness, less the life of led. )

    Hi, great project! I have been making something similar over the years.I'm on my 5th version! Itead studio can probably produce 10 of your pcbs for under $20!

    3 replies

    Very Nice Article on your Website! Thanks for Sharing . And i would have always bought items and made low cost boards from abroad but RBI have limitation on all Indians by which we cannot use our debit cards internationally due to Verified by Visa Protection :/ while paypal dosen't accept verified by visa .

    Well that's no good Ayush, I hope you can solve this problem for yourself. Maybe you will etch some boards by hand.

    My Approch to many people became good by time and i have got a pcb manufacturer in india only which gives me 400Pcb's for $50. That's Probably a wonderful Deal , i Have ever got .

    In none of the photos do you show the foil side of the PCB. I tried to open the .brd file with Allegro free viewer, but it said that it was corrupt. Could you upload it as a jpg or similar picture?

    3 replies

    Anyways for you, i have attached the design in form of pic.


    Possibly, two resistors, one to limit the base current, and one in series with the load could allow different transistors or Fets to be used. They could go on the right hand side of the board?

    The File was Designed in Eagle CAD , i tried it now again, it opened fine.

    Please open the .brd file in Eagle CAD.

    No problem, I ordered the parts but haven't received them yet. Thanks for the reply!

    What is the size of the finished pcb? I plan on using this as a class project and want to know what size to order so that I can cut several with little waste. thanks

    1 reply

    Sorry for late reply.
    I was busy in my school projects + Exams too.

    Each pcb has a size of
    3.3cm x 2.5cm .

    You can cut a Pcb strip of 2.5cm breadth. And then cut the strip into 3.3cm length blocks.
    By this way , there would minimum waste.

    Hi can i have the working of this circuit that how this circuit works. i have to do it formy project

    1 reply

    The circuit is simple to understand, When PIR Senses Motion, it Makes it OUTPUT Pin HIGH and then Transistor Makes the LED's Light up.

    Remember The Circuit is Made for 12v only!

    Thanks! I don't do much PCB design. Is EagleCad free? I tried PCB Design Suite also. But it wouldn't open either. I do use AutoCAD, but the jpg should be fin. I can use that.

    Hi sir how to power this pir motion sensor led