Introduction: How to Make a Simple Missle Launcher for the LEGO NXT

This is my first Instructable! So, this will show you how to make a very simple NXT launcher. I made this from NXT 1.0 model so I think you can also make this from the 2.0 model. There are only two parts that are not included in the set.

And sorry about the weird part names...

Step 1: Build the Motor

To build the motor part of the launcher, you will need the parts shown in the picture; five '3 size' circle prongs, one 'half- half' (the blue thing), the triple angle beam, and the servo motor.

The pictures make it pretty much self-explanatory.

Step 2: Bulid the Launcher

To build the launcher part of the launcher (sounds weird lol), you will need one 5 sized beam, two 7 sized 'double beam', two 'modified' triple sided prongs, dual sided prong (blue thing), double sized prong, double sized 'plus', 'elbow' connector, plus 'hook', launcher and ammo

Step 3: Putting All the Pieces Together

"So easy, a caveman could do it!" -Geico
yep, this step is that easy.


kef4444 (author)2010-07-13

i thought it'l launch nxt's ... xD

lacs98 (author)kef44442010-11-06

Same! I didn't click on this for a while because of it! Lol!

ps3wii (author)lacs982010-11-07

lol i bet that eveyone did that

ps3wii (author)kef44442010-07-13

lol, i kinda though that when i said it a few times

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