All it takes is about a yard of fabric to make a cute, custom pillow case.  My sewing skills are very lacking, but this is all straight lines, so it is super easy.  All you need is:
Fabric (I used about a yard of one, and about a quarter yard of another.

Step 1: Make a "Pattern"

Using a pillowcase you already have, measure the rectangle to find how big you need to make yours.  Mine was about 20 inches wide and 30 inches long.  Afterwards I googled the "standard pillowcase size" and found that most are about 22 inches by 32 inches. 
I decided I wanted a little bit of contrasting fabri on the edge of mine, so I decided 5 inches of the 30 were enough.  I added 1 inch seem alowance on all seems, and an extra 3 inches to fold over on the open edges, since that seems to be standard for all pillowcases.  So, I came to decide, I need 2 pieces of the "main" fabric, 22 inches by 27", and 2 pieces of the "accent" fabric that were 22 inches by 9 inches.
Looks great. Where in the world did you find the B&T fabric?
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Hi...just a friendly suggestion. Since most fabric is 44 inches, all you need to do is use 3/4 yard (27 inches long) of a 44&quot; wide fabric - then fold it in half selvedge to selvedge. No need to trace a pattern piece, and one side of the case is already closed. All you need to do is then is put on the &quot;accent fabric&quot; or cuff as I call them. Then sew across the bottom and up the open side. Done!

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