Step 2: Cut Fabric

I cut the fabric, 2 pieces from each.  The Bill and Ted fabric is my "main" design, and the green is the "accent."  Because the flash went off in some pictures, and not in others, the color seems to differ from blue to green, but the solid fabric is all the same.
Looks great. Where in the world did you find the B&T fabric?
Spoonflower.Com <br>The Bill and Ted series is like my 3rd favorite time traveling movies.
Hi...just a friendly suggestion. Since most fabric is 44 inches, all you need to do is use 3/4 yard (27 inches long) of a 44&quot; wide fabric - then fold it in half selvedge to selvedge. No need to trace a pattern piece, and one side of the case is already closed. All you need to do is then is put on the &quot;accent fabric&quot; or cuff as I call them. Then sew across the bottom and up the open side. Done!

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