How to Make a Simple Wooden Jewellery Box


Introduction: How to Make a Simple Wooden Jewellery Box

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Jewellery boxes are so handy for keeping precious rings and bracelets organized, but they can also be an eye-catching feature in any bedroom. Make your jewellery box even more special by making it from scratch yourself: you’ll be so impressed with the finished project, and your friends will beg you to make them one too! A wooden jewellery box is a gorgeous, long lasting memento that you will treasure for years to come, so roll up your sleeves and get busy with your new favorite DIY project!

Step 1: Wood

To start off, you’ll need four pieces of flat wood to form a rectangle, with slanted sides to fit together, as well as two equal flat pieces of wood to make the lid and base. You can pick any sized wood depending on how big you want your jewellery box, and hardware stores often will cut the wood on-site for you depending on your specifications. Craft stores also offer a thinner wood that might be easier for you or kids to work with.

Step 2: Glue

Using wood glue, carefully glue the slanted edges together and wrap the rectangle in an elastic band to hold it tight. Wait until the glue has dried, then glue a thin flat piece of wood to the underside of the box—this will be the bottom of your jewellery box.

Step 3: Felt

Spread a thin layer of glue along the bottom of the jewellery box and attach a piece of pre-measured rectangular felt.

Step 4: Hinges

Install hinges (readily available at hardware stores) on the back of the box. Screw tiny holes on the lid where the hinges line up. Attach the hinges to the lid, and voila! The hard part is over.

Step 5: Decorate!

Now you get to decorate your jewellery box, which is always the most fun. You can use craft paint to paint designs on the wood, or cover it completely in one gorgeous color. Craft stores will have tons of options, like stencils or rhinestones to bedazzle your box! You can even paint the box with chalk paint, which gives the wood a lovely, weathered look.

Step 6: Dividers

You can create easy dividers within the box using pipe cleaners or small trays lined with felt.

Step 7: "Gift" Away

These make great gift options for a special birthday: place a small token like a ring or bracelet inside the box (for good luck!) and wrap it up in gorgeous fabric for a homemade touch.

Step 8: DIY With Kids

For an even simpler DIY job, you can purchase small wooden boxes at most craft stores so you can avoid the gluing and hinges. This can make craft time with kids a lot easier and safer.



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    Hi @tomatoskins! I would love to show you pictures as soon as I make another one. Unfortunately, the batch I made I gave out as gifts and wasn't able to take pictures of the process. By next week I'll be making a new bunch and would make sure to add photos here! :)