Picture of How to Make a Single Octave Xylophone
Made for a class project, this Instructable will tell you step by step the process we used to make this xylophone. It spans one octave and hits all the notes in a scale. Including the tuning, building, sanding, painting process, it took about 7 hours to make.

Step 1: Setting up the keys

Picture of Setting up the keys
This is just what we used and this isn't exactly what it ended up  being, but each key was 2 inches wide, and one inch thick, with varying lengths...

General Lengths for Keys:
        C (low):    14 inches
        D:    13.5 inches
        E:    13 inches
        F:    12.5 inches
        G:    12 inches
        A:    11.5 inches
        B:    11 inches
        C (high):    10.5 inches

This is what we started out with, in hopes that it would already be tuned. However, this was not the case, so we had to go on to tune each and every key to an appropriate scale.

The types of wood were a bit tricky to sort out, but we found a balance of good sound and well priced wood was to use Pine. The amount of wood we bought (and we had extra) was about $14. You could go for some more expensive Rosewood, but this works just fine for us.
JaedyneF5 months ago

Is there any way you can put this in other words.. to understand it better?

Sam _K10 months ago

How Can U Make A Xylophone Without Wood?? D:

I Dont Know And Please Help Mee :)

This If For A Project ;D

i made it and got a 100 on it thanks a lot :}

is it ACTUALLY in tune?

Would you please upload the final lengths of your xylophone. Thanks!
This was very helpful. It has great tone and sounds just like the ones I play in band. All my friends and my music teacher think I'm a genius!