Step 3: The Outer Mask

The Outer Mask appears once you have paper mache over the base mask. To make paper mache, pour 1/3 cup of flour into a bowl and stir it with 1/2 cup of water. Tear up some newspaper for the paper part.

Stick the newspaper in the paper mache and strip off any excess paste. The more paste left on the paper, the longer it will take to dry. Put the mask on a piece of wood or sheet of paper and put the paper mache strips on the mask. Smooth the newspaper out on the mask. Be sure to go around the eye(s) and mouth if you made one. Be sure to paper mache each side.
slipknot is a copy of mushroomhead
Except slipknot is good. They have one vocalist who also is good and can sing again good. Nobody crappily raps and James Root is one of the best guitarist on the planet so yeah basically the same. I mean slipknot songs are good and Corey's lyrics are amazing. Mushroom head is just terrible. The one guy who sings is just terrible and the other guy who screams and rants is just the worst. They all basically have the same costumes, very elaborate and creepy. I'm not going to lie, that is well done. Except for the one guy who just decided to let his band mates look awesome while he wears raccoon makeup. But yeah. Your almost right.
no...theres a lot of bands who wear masks and slipknot is different because they all have different masks
<p>So cool! Two questions. One, did you get the zipper actually working, or is it just for show? And two, could you use any other type of material, or just leather?</p>
<p>I did fine until this step: &quot;Next, bite onto the foil...&quot;</p>
good start, should do a full head - kinda luchador style!
Maggot forever! I just made one out of latex!
instead of doing so many steps, why can't u just cut out some leather, eye holes and tie it around your head? as in, what does the other stuff do?
That would seem reasonable, except that it wouldn't work (so its not reasonable). The foil makes the shape of your chin, nose, lips, etc.&nbsp;Leather alone would be flat and pretty much featureless. The paper mache holds the shape of the foil and the overall mask so that the mask still has its features, even when its not on. Finally, the leather tops it all off to make it look cooler. But I&nbsp;see where you were coming from and I&nbsp;wanted to point that out.<br />
(slipknot masks)
some time i will show every one how to make all there mask's :D
Do U know how to make the mask of Mick Thompson? Restecp! all this is "wicked"! \m/ "metal is my game"
dude! awesome instructable...I never thought I'd be able to make a good quality mask with, like no money, 'til I saw this
Hey, if you like, could you give it a vote?
okay, done!!!
well done lad slipknot ROCK! mom,uncle and aunt oin to see them live
why not make the drummer's mask? you know, the one withe the spikes on it? itll look freakin awesome!
Uhh no Joey the DRUMMER has a spiked crown like the one jesus had on when he was crusified.....so yeah he has spikes...
thats frkn wrong. craig jones is the drummer, and hes always headbanging. he has got the greatest looking mask, so everybody knows him, and knows that he has got the spike mask!
The drummer doesn't have spikes. The sound producer does.
oh. i watched the duality video on youtube and i THOUGHT that he was the drummer because he was playing the drums.
joey jordinson is the drummer and craig jones is the smapler(pin head)
Alternatively you could, assuming you have one, go to your local <em>Spencer's Gifts</em> store and just, again only if you're good at it, steal one. Dunno just sayin'.<br/>
hey...if i want to make the corey tailor all hope is gone mask............................. should i make it with paper machet or just cut leather and start from there like what virus x said...???? answer now
I don't care who you are you have to give them credit for keeping that many people on beat, especially on those parts where they all stop for a second then pick up where they left off. Personally I love them. If you don't that's YOUR opinion don't try to enforce it on me.
nice job its not perfect but its good for a first try i'll be looking forward to the full face one! just to add to the musical debate: slipknot may not audibly be amazing if you dont like corey's screaming but musicly they are realy good. joey jordison' a fantastic drummer (and i don't just mean fast double pedal work) also, corey can sing quite well apart from just screaming, you only have to listen to stonesour songs like 'through the glass' or 'bother' to hear his actual singing
thanks. Yeah, the mask in this instructable was my first one. I also have never sewed before and didn't have any help on this. Yeah, listen to "duality", I like how corey sings in that song. Joey, i mean, he's right out there. If you play 'wait and bleed', some parts of that song, he is drumming so fast that it's seems that he's drumming slowly.
Yeah thats a good song, but whats up with pushing his fingers into his eyes? anyway, by preference Mick's mask is certainly the coolest to make, possibly a project for me to put on instructables sometime in the future. Slipknot is a pretty good band, as well as godsmack, korn, pantera, papa roach, disturbed, seether, breaking benjamin, and others.
he pushes his fingers into his eyes coz its the only thing that slowly stops the ache...(duh!) haha ye, i havnt been proply into metal since i was in year 7 but i love metal drumming
Ironic, im 7th going into 8th
I've given up on metal. I don't really like it any more. But if you like the instructable, please rate.
i've just learnt all the drum parts for duality :) wait and bleed's awsum aswell! those two are actualy probably my favourites! haha
looks good
thanks. Please rate if you like.
excellent job! im not realy into slipknot myself(to tell you the truth they scare the crap out of me lol) but i know a good,clear,and easy to follow instructable when i see one congrats!
Thanks. I'm glad a lot of people are liking this. (Yeah, the scary part is actually what attracted me to them). My next mask is going to be a full face mask, one that goes around the back, too.
Cool instructable. I was kinda wondering how to make a cheap mask that looked decent. Nice!

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