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In this instructable I will be showing how to make a smoke bomb. These are relatively easy and can take about 10-15 minutes to make depending on how fast you are.

As for the chemical reactions that are occurring when the smoke bomb is being lit, the plastic from the ping pong balls release dioxin after the chlorine and the hydrocarbons are heated.

* It is recommended that you stand a good distance away from the smoke bomb after it is lit to not absorb much of the smoke.


Ok, now we can continue! :)

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials

For the materials, you'll need the following:

1) 5-6 ping pong balls
2) Scissors
3) Little bin or container
4) A piece of tin foil
5) A pencil or pen
6) Lighter or matches
7) A cheap clothes hanger (optional)
ljain47 months ago
what about smoke....is it toxic?
natciqzxc2 ljain43 months ago

very toxic

smpash3 years ago
i belive the name of the drums is timpony
siegeking smpash8 months ago

many drums use these, i know because i play percussion. it is spelt timpany.

Kitboga11 months ago

I found another recipe without ping-pong-balls here: http://howtomakefireworks.org/how-to-make-a-smoke-bomb-our-smoke-bomb-recipe/

Awesome will definitely try this
jschap13 years ago
Could you use something other than cut up ping pong balls?
akossoy (author)  jschap13 years ago
sorry for taking so long to respond, i was never told when people commented on my videos for some reason so its hard to keep up. now to get to your question, i guess so, but plastic will work best, so as long as it is plastic, it should be ok.
Plastic bag (heavy duty/ reusable ones)
Plastic containers
plastic wrap
bread bags
will any of them do?
akossoy (author)  acabrera72 years ago
They should all work, since they are all plastic they should be fine, and to go along with your previous question, since you will only use 4 ping pong balls, you can use some of the things you just mentioned (like a plastic bag) to fill up the rest of the space! :D
Good Luck!
Will just 4 ping pong balls work?
'cause I'm giving this to a friend for Christmas!
3 Fireballs and 3 Smoke balls >:)
this'll cost me around $12 to get 24 balls
akossoy (author)  acabrera72 years ago
Sure, 4 will work, but it won't fill up an entire ping pong ball probably. If you have 6, it should fill a ping pong ball completely, but it will still work with just 4, there will just be a little less smoke. :D
acabrera72 years ago
Once you're done cutting the ping pong balls, take the little pieces and stick them in the hole in the first ping pong ball. Then once all the little pieces are in, take the bigger piece and squish it in the hole and then move it around to close it up from the inside.

Is that really necessary? can a little plastic/ packaging tape will do? or maybe rubber bands?
akossoy (author)  acabrera72 years ago
I'm not entirely sure. Considering the plastic tape is plastic, it should be fine, but for me, I normally just take a bigger piece of the ping pong ball and put it inside to close off the hole.
If you're feeling adventurous, then go ahead! Tell me how it goes! :D
antoon3 years ago
really nice and easy :go and ring somebody's bell light it up and run when they open the door all the smoke will get inside :) O-o woosh
akossoy (author)  antoon3 years ago
lol! .. sorry for taking so long to respond, i was never told when people commented on my videos for some reason so its hard to keep up.
Is the smoke toxic?
indeed and verry toic (do not test you will vommit wen take a deep breath (experience)) :)
hey have you ever tried it with mult. ping pong balls, so it makes more smoke?
that could be a cool expiremint
akossoy (author)  flyingfox5673 years ago
i never tried that... will get to it! thanks for sharing! after all, the more smoke and fire, the better! :)
yes, and give u longer to escape from those darn super heroes with ur evil plan intact
akossoy (author)  flyingfox5673 years ago
Yea, exactly! >:-)
ilpug3 years ago
This is pretty cool. Try adding Potassium nitrate to the mix to make it burn more completely.

I had heard about this, but never knew how exactly to do it.

How much of the ping pong ball pieces actually burn? if you ever tear apart one that has already been set off, let me know.
akossoy (author)  ilpug3 years ago
All of the plastic from the ping pong balls burn. After it is done, there is only tin foil left, no more ping pong balls. :(

i'll try adding the potassium nitrate and i'll let you know when i'm done and what happened.

ilpug akossoy3 years ago
Don't add a bunch! start with a little bit, then build up a bit at a time. Also, if you are making a ton of these, go to a charity store or a yard sale and get an old electric coffee grinder to shred the balls.
akossoy (author)  ilpug3 years ago
thanks again! the only problem i can think of using a blender is that it might get jammed with the little pieces or it might simply just not work... we'll see?! Another idea one of my friends gave me which is what he did was to simply smash them into pieces with a hammer, so if you feel barbarious (i think that's the word for acting like a barbarian?!) then you could try that! ;)
pmn9393 akossoy3 years ago
but will it blend?

Cavemanic (Okay, so maybe it's not a word. So what?)
akossoy (author)  Dekubaba943 years ago
haha.. kk! :) nice to see people still keep up with grammar! sure, destructive would work!
Yuk Yuk
ilpug akossoy3 years ago
I have an old coffee grinder that I use to cut up everything from nuts to aluminum foil. If it somehow does clog, it would take about ten seconds to unclog. Only bother with a coffee grinder if you need to shred a whole bunch of ping pong balls though.