How to Make a Sniper/Shotgun Airsoft Rifle





Introduction: How to Make a Sniper/Shotgun Airsoft Rifle

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The above video demonstrates a simple and inexpensive airgun design that can be used with airsoft pellets or a wide variety of other projectiles.

6mm ID Brake Line (Test with airsoft pellet to check size)
1" x 4" PVC Pipe Nipple
1" Threaded End Caps (x2)
1/2" x 1 1/4" Spring (Approximate size)
Washer & Nut to fit the attached Brake Line Fittings
Brass Air Tank Valve (Schrader Valve)
Compact Bicycle Pump



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    I made it, and it's AWESOME. I just have one problem: I need a solution for the pellets spilling out when i hold it downwards. I also am wondering if there is an easier and faster way to load the bullets, and if a larger pvc will make it have a higher fps.

    I have a suggestion. First, for the pellet to not fall out of the barrel find where the bullet should rest and cut out a section on the barrel. Many airsoft guns have what in called the "hop up unit," this unit holds the pellet until fired out of the barrel so you can take the hop up from an old gun replace that section of the barrel.

    Second problem. I would not expand the air chamber because doing this would take longer for you to fill the air chamber still having a FPS very close to the original.

    I hope this helped you. :)

    Very cool! Glad you like it. You can keep pellets from falling out of the barrel with a bit of paper/tissue as wadding, just like an old muzzle loading musket is loaded. I don't have a faster way to load pellets.

    I have a problem with this, I sealed the bb with hot glue just as it said, and put it all together, and there Is a leak coming out of the end of the barrel, I am confused and kinda aggravated.

    probably is the O ring. Put some pipe thread paste on it and it should seal better.


    how does the air from bicycle pump go into the chamber?

    from the shrader valve, stop askking.

    Could you show how to make a magazine for it

    i reckon for what its worth make a 'magazine' that you can manually (a rod that goes into the mag) push up a bb through a x cut piece of paper into the barrel

    I imagine that would be quite difficult, but you could probably make some sort of speedloader device.