Picture of How to Make a Snowflake
This instructable will explain step by step the process how to make a paper ornament

This is end result

Step 1: Things you need

Picture of Things you need
The things you need will be available in everyones house and unless you wont to decorate it this is all you need.

Things you need:



i think this will really help me thanks
Hobo Joe_7 years ago
A good way of doing that but I know another way. But still good.
Papersnowflakes.comPaper Snowflakes for Children is an educational site that is extremely popular with k-12 teachers, colleges and universities.

You can learn how to cut 2,3,6,12, and odd sided snowflakes as well as learn history of snowflake explorers, and the science of snow and ice crystals.
Snowflakes have six sides, not eight.

After the first fold, you should then fold the paper along the 60-degree line, and then the 120-degree line. Then you can start cutting away at it.
Technically true, but this is the version made in countless primary schools across the world every December.
Really? My teacher was quite strict about them being six-sided and I grew up in southern California with no snow anywhere close to there.
I suppose your teacher meant them to be educational, whereas others use them as a seasonal time-filler.
noahw8 years ago
I made a digital one at http://snowflakes.barkleyus.com/. I prefer real ones though.