This instructable will explain step by step the process how to make a paper ornament

This is end result

Step 1: Things You Need

The things you need will be available in everyones house and unless you wont to decorate it this is all you need.

Things you need:




Step 2: The Main Folds 1

Start off by folding the paper in half diagonally

Step 3: The Main Folds 2

Now make your second fold again diagonally so it looks like a triangle.

Make sure to remember the point which is in the middle of the paper.

Step 4: The Main Folds 3

This is your last fold.

Remembering which point is the middle fold along that point diagonally.

Step 5: Cutting

First cut on the opposite side of the point you just folded along and make a cut along it.

I normally cut it so it looks like a pizza slice but you can experiment because I've got some really cool affect.

Step 6: Cutting the Snow Holes

To cut the holes just cut out shape's out of your pizza slice. These can be anything, hearts, triangles, squares or can be planned I say just experiment and see what looks good.

Make sure not to cut the bottom of the pizza slice off or it will all fall apart

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After you've made any cuts you want to un-fold the paper and you will have created a funky snow flake!

Step 7: If You Want to Add....

If you don't think your snow flake looks good yet then re-fold it and cut out any more shapes

Thank you for reading

i think this will really help me thanks <br>
A good way of doing that but I know another way. But still good.
<a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.PaperSnowflakes.com">Papersnowflakes.com</a>Paper Snowflakes for Children is an educational site that is extremely popular with k-12 teachers, colleges and universities.<br/><br/>You can learn how to cut 2,3,6,12, and odd sided snowflakes as well as learn history of snowflake explorers, and the science of snow and ice crystals. <br/>
Snowflakes have six sides, not eight.<br/><br/>After the first fold, you should then fold the paper along the 60-degree line, and then the 120-degree line. <em>Then</em> you can start cutting away at it.<br/>
<em>Technically</em> true, but this is the version made in countless primary schools across the world every December.<br/>
Really? My teacher was quite strict about them being six-sided and I grew up in southern California with no snow anywhere close to there.
I suppose your teacher meant them to be educational, whereas others use them as a seasonal time-filler.
I made a digital one at <a rel="nofollow" href="http://snowflakes.barkleyus.com/">http://snowflakes.barkleyus.com/</a>. I prefer real ones though.<br/><br/>

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