Step 3: Find Soap, Insert Into Bag

This one is pretty self explanatory, but... here goes.

By now you should have a mesh bag, open on one end and sealed on the other, and a bar of your favorite soap.

Open the unsealed end of your mesh bag, and then insert the soap lengthwise. Why lengthwise? Personal preference. I also think that it helps water run off the bar easier, resulting in faster drying times, and you don't want the mesh to be stretched too tightly against the surface of the soap, otherwise it will cut into it.

For best results the mesh should be able to sit loosely across the surface of the soap where it can shave off bits of dry soap, producing a thicker lather.

I did it see I told you I was doing it
I'm definitely doing this
<p>Thanks to this instructable, I put my soap scraps in onion bag. The lather was great, and the bag acted like an scrub brush. I'm glad that I can use my scraps without melting and forming soap bars.</p>
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Cool. And so simple! I have a bunch of those small hotel soap bars, this would be a good way to hold three or four in the net bag to use at once.
Great idea! <br> <br>I melted a hole in the plastic label and added a left-over hook from a broken clothing hanger. Perfect in my shower.
Good idea... I do that with my left over soap pieces, I put them in a mesh bag. I don't find it scratchy one bit, in fact it makes the soap quite lathered! :)
Good way to reuse the soap, but looks kinda painful and scratchy (fromexperience of handling these types of bags).<br />It would be even worse for me having eczema as the plastic would pulloff my scabs... not good.<br />
You could always find something gentler on the skin. For most people, I suppose women, more than men, getting rid of dead skin cells is a good thing. It makes your skin have a smooth. polished, younger look. <br /> Very good idea. Get it really wet and soapy first. The do it GENTLY, and then soon you will not have to even use body lotion, unless you want to. I know this from experience.&nbsp; Lets see how it works out. Give&nbsp; some ideas on different bags. Just don't use it on you face and some other areas on the body.&nbsp; Bluestockings<br /> <br />
Well, now how nifty! As we try to become greener and greener, that looks like a perfect idea. This is really good for shower or bath. <br /> <br /> &nbsp;Thank you I will try it very soon. Bluestockings<br />
And one other thing. Good for kids craft too. My grandson will love it. Keep the ideas coming. Love it! Bluestockings<br />
wouldn't it kinda scratch?
You would think so, but it hardly scratches at all. If you can get your hands on a plastic sleeve like the one pictured (diamond-shaped lattice holes) it's the same type of material as a bathing pouf. Also, the soap lubricates the plastic so at most you'll just scrape off some dead surface skin cells.
&nbsp;&quot;Eat Onions, procure bag&quot; I don't know why this line makes me giggle so.&nbsp;
I use those when i go camping, but i usually used a sock.<br />
Very ingenious.<br /> <br /> They should start making onion bags with <br /> some of the fancy nylon netting.<br /> <br /> For our sake.<br />
Next time I shop for produce, I'll look for a good textured netbag.&nbsp; Not too rough!&nbsp; Good idea, I think this may be whatthose fancy poufs are made of anyway...
Yeah same stuff, the poufs are made of one long segment of it that canbe unwound and used to hang shampoo bottles in the shower.<br />

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