How to Make a Sombrero Boat/Hat!





Introduction: How to Make a Sombrero Boat/Hat!

By popular demand (one person wanted it), here is the instructable on a sombrero boat! Made out of cardboard, this is simplicity itself! Thanks, for the instructable.

Step 1: The Beginning

1. Find a box, the bigger the better, refrigerator boxes work well, and can be found outside the dumpsters of most home improvement warehouses.

2. Find some tape, duct tape will work the best.

3. Destructure the box and lay it flat.

Step 2: Hamburger Fold

Fold the box hamburger style.

Step 3: Fold the Corners

Fold the upper left and right hand corners down and tape them, making a shape that resembles a house.

Step 4: Fold Up the Open Side

Fold one ned of the open side upwards, then the other, like in my Paper Hat instructable. The guy is standing up on it just to keep it down.

Step 5: Halfway There..

Fold the flaps back over so that you can see the top triangle of the boat from both sides.

Fold the leftover box flaps over so that a triangle is formed. Tape those flaps down.

Open out from the middle and flatten the opposite way, this may take some serious beating up of the boat, but make it work so that it is in a diamond shape.

Step 6: Getting There

Fold the bottom point of one side up to meet the top point, once again, you'll have to show the box who exactly the boss is. Proceed to tape it down.

Step 7: You're So Close Its Driving Me Crazy

Flip box over and repeat. Open box out from the middle, flatten it out if you can, otherwise just beat the crap out of the open end until it looks like a boat, use more tape for added flavor, decorate, name your boat, have a mexican sombrero-boat party, send your dog sailing, etc.

Step 8: ALL DONE!

Enjoy your sombrero boat! Perfect for the next katrina, or just to look sweet!



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so its just like making a paper boat only like several time bigger. tht is a cool name

smaller versions are just as cool, this is good for close friends, or as close as you can get while wearing one, thanks, ho yea, and they do make good toy boats

that hat is cool whats up with the dog with the hat in the background

Gj altho all you really did was move over all the information from

yeah, i know. thats why i gave that site thanks. Im not cheap! I didnt see that post here, so i added it.

Mexicans are fucking awesome the idea of a hat that can cover you and your friends on a hot day, genius, siestas should be made law and tequila is gold

That is so beautiful.

The hat. . It looks. . . . . .