I wanted to show my son how proud I was of his recent karate accomplishments.  So I thought making a shadow box to display his achievement was one way to do it.  What better to make a shadow box stand out and give it durability, but to add splines to the joinery.

You could just relay on glue to keep the joinery together however, inserting splines offers excellent joint reinforcement and will allow you to build larger boxes and frames without the worry that the joints might come apart a few years down the road.

In fact, this jig is definitely one that I will use on a regular basis.  And want to know the best place to build one.  Thats right, I made it at TechShop in Round Rock (www.TechShop.ws).

Step 1: Materials Used and Cut to Size

I made this jig by using scrap 3/4" plywood found around the shop.   

The measurements can vary, but these are the ones that I used.  Keep in mind that your fence guide will need to differ to fit your fence on your tablesaw.

Cut two pieces of plywood for the cradle using a tablesaw
    6" wide x 10" long.  

Then cut a 45 degree angle on one side of each piece using a miter saw.

Cut the runner    with a tablesaw and miter saw
  8" wide x 10" long
Cut the fence guide top with the tablesaw
  2 1/2" wide x 4" long (put wood on top of the fence and trace the width of the fence)

Cut the fence guide handle with a tablesaw
   6" wide x 6" long
<p>Very Nice Technique. Will try for sure.</p>
<p>Nice, thank you; I like the way you used a saddle over the rip fence. I built a spline jig this week, then decided to see how others built one (I do things backward - make then get instructions).How is your working for you?</p><p>Bill</p>
Very cool...thanks!
Great! I'm working on some keyed boxes right now and will need to make one of these. Simple and helpful!
Awesome! I am so glad you posted this. I saw some frames like this pretty recently, and was wondering about a good way to make them. <br /> <br />Thanks!

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