Picture of How to Make a Square Lashing and Round Lashing
Have you ever needed to tie sticks together for some project or activity? well im going show you how to make a square lashing and a round lashing which will hold two sticks or poles together. For this project you will need:
-sticks or poles
-a lot of rope
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Step 1: First, Tie a Clove Hitch like shown

Picture of First, Tie a Clove Hitch like shown
Tie a clove hitch on the bottom pole right next to the intersecting pole. To make a clove hitch, you cross the rope around the pole like an x and pass it through the middle. 

Step 2: Making the Wraps

Picture of Making the Wraps
After the clove hitch, make 3 tight wraps around both poles like in the picture.  Wrap the rope in and out in between the poles.  The wraps should be collecting on the pole going sideways.

Step 3: Making Fraps

Picture of Making Fraps
put two fraps in between both poles in the opposite direction of the wraps.  Make sure you do the wraps and fraps tight or else it will be weak and come crashing down soon after you finish. 

Step 4: Final Clove Hitch

Picture of Final Clove Hitch
After making sure everything is taut, tie another clove hitch on the top pole like so.  Cut off the excess rope on the end and you have a square lashing.

Step 5: The Round Lashing

Picture of The Round Lashing
To start the round lashing with some of the leftover rope, position the poles so that they are side by side.  Starting wherever you want, tie a clove hitch like in the last picture around both poles. 

Step 6: Strong Wraps!!!

Picture of Strong Wraps!!!
Make seven or eight wraps around the poles and put strength into them!! There are no fraps in a round lashing so make sure the wraps are super tight cause they are doing all the work. 

Step 7: Another Clove Hitch

Picture of Another Clove Hitch
Tie another clove hitch around both poles and repeat closer to the end to make sure it stays straight and doesn't fall apart.  After that, you have finished your round lashing and now you can tie poles together! In one of my next instructables, I will be using these lashings to make structures with wood pieces.
Thank you for viewing and please respond with questions, comments, ways you used the lashings, or other knots and lashings I should make an instructable on.
Animal714111 months ago

Thank you! I'm using this to teach Cubs how to tie it because I have to teach people for my Blue Cord in Scouts!!! (By the way, Cubs are the younger ones and the Blue Cord is the second level in Scouts) Thanks again!!!!

pwl11142 years ago
nice and easy. good job.
yoyology2 years ago
Could you explain the difference between "wraps" and "fraps"?
warreng971 (author)  yoyology2 years ago
wraps are to hold the sticks together and the fraps go over the wraps to hold them in place. sorry for the late response.