Have you ever needed to tie sticks together for some project or activity? well im going show you how to make a square lashing and a round lashing which will hold two sticks or poles together. For this project you will need:
-sticks or poles
-a lot of rope

Step 1: First, Tie a Clove Hitch like shown

Tie a clove hitch on the bottom pole right next to the intersecting pole. To make a clove hitch, you cross the rope around the pole like an x and pass it through the middle. 
<p>Thank you! I'm using this to teach Cubs how to tie it because I have to teach people for my Blue Cord in Scouts!!! (By the way, Cubs are the younger ones and the Blue Cord is the second level in Scouts) Thanks again!!!!</p>
nice and easy. good job.
Could you explain the difference between &quot;wraps&quot; and &quot;fraps&quot;?
wraps are to hold the sticks together and the fraps go over the wraps to hold them in place. sorry for the late response.

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